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Yep I just saw that it was on the Hall of Shame and thought "let me go to allnurses.com and warn all my fellow allnurses". Its a scam. So to everybody on here who lied and said they are RN's, LPN's, took the state boards and the school was real. SHAME ON YOU FOR LYING!


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EnergyLady thats funny u say all of that but the school was just on channel 2 news and PROVEN to be a scam.. It was in the HALL OF SHAME. People paying there money for a certificate saying they went to a school in Africa which they can do nothing with here in Michgan... Everything the man who ran the school was trying to do was illegal.

I am a current student of this program and there are students claiming to know people from their job who graduated and are now working as either an lpn or rn. my question is if you are out there please come back up to one of the classes and put at ease to the rest of the students in hopes of graduating however we are all left to believe its some bs. True enuf there was a tutorial later on in the months and explained how things were going however the question is......is it all a gamble of who will be able to sit for boards. If it's all a hook up school then I am down for that but a scam is jus out the question especially at a time like this wen we are in a recession and we all have families. Like I said if you attended and is now a liscensed lpn or rn please feel free to come back up to the school instead of posting on this forum because like most we are led to believe you are a fake too.

yes i attend as well however it is a red flag if he claims to process you in different states but when it's all over he is processing you from africa. he worked with the foreigns and got away with it cause they are from across seas but you take an american who don't look a bit of african and try to say they went to an african school. and check this out, we're told someone has been working on our clinicals for the last two months and the girls on channel two tonight said they had no clinicals at all so wat that tell you. what can we believe? if you know of someone who graduated then pls feel free to have them come speak to help ease our minds cause i want to believe like others there is hope in this but you gotta look at reality and the facts.

ok u keep saying its a scam and i believe you cause i got scammed cuz i am currently in the program but how in the heck did some of these others get their liscense. these are people i know and referred me to the program

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please see our previous thread on subject: https://allnurses.com/michigan-nurses/national-medical-academy-376387.html

this "review program" is not a legitimate approved nursing education program with hands on clinical time as required by all boards of nursing for us based nursing education program in order to take nclex exam.

michigan board of nursing approved education programs: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch_nurse_approve_ed_prog_98366_7.pdf

if you are considering a nursing school that is not on the approved list, check the following sites:

if your school is listed on the non-accredited universities and colleges on the civil service website, the michigan board of nursing will not accept a nursing degree from that institution for licensure: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/non-accreditedschools_78090_7.pdf

if the school is not listed on the proprietary schools lists of licensed schools for technical and vocational training, the school cannot offer or be approved to offer a licensed practical nurse education program by the michigan board of nursing: http://www.michiganps.net/


part 2. licensure

r 338.10201 definitions.

rule 201. (1) as used in this part:

(a) "act" means 1978 pa 368, mcl 333.1101 et seq.

(b) "board" means the michigan board of nursing.

© "completed a practical nurse education program acceptable to the

board" means 1 of the following:

(i) that the applicant is a graduate of a practical nurse education

program which is located in this state and which is approved by the board.

(ii) that the applicant is a graduate of a practical nurse education

program which is located in another state or territory of the united

states, as required by 333.16186, and that program is substantially

equivalent to the program requirements of article 15 of the act and the rules promulgated by the board.

the applicant has completed the core curriculum for practical nurse applicants in a nurse education program which is not less than 30 weeks in duration and which includes courses in both theory and clinical practice.

(e) "core curriculum for practical nurse applicants" means courses in

both didactic instruction and planned clinical learning in each of the

following 4 areas of nursing:

(i) medical nursing, which consists of the study of nursing care for

the adult patient, both male and female, who is in the acute or chronic

phases of a medical illness.

(ii) obstetrical nursing, which consists of the study of nursing care

for women in the antepartum, labor/delivery, and postpartum phases of pregnancy, and includes the care of the newborn infant and may be referred to as maternal-child nursing. gynecological nursing alone does not fulfill this obstetric nursing education requirement.

(iii) pediatric nursing, which consists of the study of nursing care

for children whose ages range from birth through adolescence and who are receiving nursing care for both medical and surgical reasons. this education does not include newborn nursing education.

(iv) surgical nursing, which consists of the study of nursing care for

the adult patient, both male and female, who is receiving nursing care

for a surgical procedure.


please be aware that if board of nursing can revoke license if licensee credentials found not to meet bon standards or if education found to be fraudulent. please spend your monies wisely on approved nursing education program.

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from myfox detroit:

nursing students claim diploma dilemma

a career in medicine. it's one of the most promising and rewarding jobs out there. however, some students of a local medical academy say their dreams are doa and their medical diplomas were doctored.

per news report, credentials presented to board of nursing are from countries outside the us.

another tip off:

all educators in a nursing program need to be a licensed professional within that state or have a compact license. most states have online look-up as means of public protection

michigan:i need to verify whether someone has a license. how can i do that?

we have two verification systems. if you have access to the internet, you can go to our online verify a license or you can call (517) 241-9427

those who feel they have been lied to about the program can complain to the michigan attorney generals office re consumer fraud:


like i said before if it's a scam then why the hell did so many others get processed. why of all the graduating class only two came forward with this so called scam. i know its a tutorial program and the man is teaching medicine their. i can assure you if you spoke with those girls they can both tell you how much they have learned their however the way they were processed was some **. and (moderator edit of name) knows that he jus ***** with them but trust and believe you are getting a great health care educationn as far as lpn status. he aint doin nothin different than wc3 occ and hccc considering people go their and are promised to get into their nursin program and as soon as they finish their pre reqs, they are on the list for ever and then the rulles change and some never make it.

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Please note post #17 and #18.

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