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  1. Tiffie1210

    Newbie question

    I just started at a home health agency I've been a RN almost 3 years mostly on a med surg floor. I'm getting 12 weeks total orientation. I'm up to 3 points a day alone and the other half of my day with my preceptor. I'm in week 8.
  2. Tiffie1210

    Thoughts on switching to HH nursing

    I'm in the same dilemma except I have 2 years med surg experience in a hospital. I have a 3 year old I'm putting in preschool in the fall and would like to drop him off and have more time with him in the evening. I also have a 3 months old. I work 3 12s a week every other weekend and holiday. I recently applied and was offered an job in HH for the major hospital I work at I accepted the job and figure it can't be any worse than now. Even with 4 days off I'm exhausted! I start June 1st so I'll keep u posted!!
  3. Tiffie1210

    med/surg vs home care with small children?

    @athomenurse it's a pretty reputable agency with one of our major healthcare systems here in Michigan. And the hospital is actually not that bad some good some bad like any other specialty I would say. I've actually been having pretty decent days since returning from maternity leave. I'm think I'm just gonna stay put here for awhile longer... Thanks everyone
  4. I am so torn between staying on my busy med surg unit or switching to home care I work 3 12s day shift a week, every other weekend and every other holiday. With home care it would be 5 days a week one weekend a month and one winter and one summer holiday,probably a more of 8 to 4 type of schedule it's salary 80 hours plus plenty of opportunity for overtime I was told and they work one weekend a month. I have a 3 month old and 3 year old. Childcare is not an issue. Although I would like more time on the days I work with them I love having 4 days off a week with them too. I'm so torn and I literally have a couple days to make up my mind.. Ugh thoughts, suggestions and experience please!
  5. Tiffie1210

    DMC Sinai Grace Hospital hiring process

    I was just wondering to anyone who has recently got hired to DMC hospitals, did they just call you after applying online or did you have inside connects? I have been applying for every open position on the DMC site and NOTHING not even a call
  6. Tiffie1210

    Select Specialty Hospital

    Anybody work or previously work for Select Specialty Hospital? I have an interview coming up with them and would love to get some insider info on it, thanks..
  7. Tiffie1210

    WCCCD math competency...

    Hello Im a recent Grad of May this year from WCCCD when I first started we only had to get a 90% as first year on the math competency and 100% second year. They must have recently changed it, I would say the BEST way to study is using you Med math book the exam WAS pretty straight foward just know the main conversions, drop factors and ML/Hr formulas.. I recommend taking Med/Surg first always because it can be pretty tough and its best to get that over with first in my opinion...
  8. Tiffie1210

    Pregnant and in Nursing School....

    @Colleen84 Its my last semester only 2 classes left, lectures two days a week and clinical one day a week for 9 hours so part time. Our semesters are broken down into 7.5 weeks rotations I will do Peds first from August 23rd to Oct 12th then finish up with Med-Surg 4 Oct to Dec 9th. Im really worried about going into labor the week of finals and having to miss them for Peds ( i'm due Oct 15th) and how Im going to feel going back one week after delivery. But I feel if I suck it up those couple weeks and everything works out I will be so happy come december I stuck with it instead of taking time off..
  9. Tiffie1210

    Pregnant and in Nursing School....

    Well if I were u I would hope and pray that I dont go into labor and make it to the scheldued C section. I myself am in a similar situation except maybe WORSE! I have one semester left to finish this fall I would be done in dec this year but I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. School starts back August 23rd and I plan to attend until my due date October 15th take a week off and go back the following week and finish up. Of couse this is hoping and praying there are no complications with me or the baby. Some people think Im crazy and should take the semester off others think it can be done and I should try. I was planning on taking this semester off and going back in January and being done by May of next year but my school informed me I would have to remeadiate which is for students who FAILED a nursing course ( which I havent) and then start back, which would put graduation off until December of next year! I'm really anxious to finish and think thats ridiciouls so I figure I might as well try to finish up now and if I cant, the outcome would be the same in the end. Good Luck to you!!
  10. Tiffie1210

    PLEASE! Help with Med-Math problem..

    Thanks so much! This is what I got just did the problem a little different wanted to see if I was correct.
  11. I just took my med math test, for second year students we are required to get 100%. I had trouble with these two problems, could someone show me the simpliest way to solve them.. Thanks in advance 1. Dr order erythromicin 500 mg IVPB every 6 hours. Available to the nurse is 250 mL of NS with 0.5 G of erythromicin to infuse over 90 minutes. IV tubing delivers 12 gtt/mL. How many gtts min? 2. Dr order administer 1000 units heprin I.V every hour. Solution available is 25,000 units of heprin in 500 mL D5W. The administer set is microdrip (60 gtt/mL). Calculate gtt/min.
  12. Tiffie1210

    Nurse Extern interview-HFHS

    Hey just wondering how did you guys go about applying for the extern postions? I've been seaching online but cant seem to find anything
  13. Tiffie1210

    WCCCD Spring 2010 starting soon

    Well thats good it makes u so happy to "warn" people about WCCCD I guess. But me including the 90 students who just graduated have many other options than being just a stale floor nurse. Last time I checked ( because I've too like you did some research) my Nursing credits will transfer to a 4yr university which will earn me my BSN and we too can "shoot for the stars" with a MSN and even a doctorate. Yea people learn from there own mistakes, so its good to hear the "good" and "bad" of any situation so just thought I'd share my opinion because were all entitled to one.. Best of luck to u also
  14. Tiffie1210

    WCCCD Spring 2010 starting soon

    doswald1 WOW!... well I hope no one lets that negativity discourge them from going to or finishing at WCCCD yea the school can throw u through twist at times but nothing is easy. If u put in work u will pass, thats that no matter if its from WCCCD or Michigan state and regardless if it is NLN or not we will all sit for the same boards and get that same license as any other RN! I doubt 99% of us plan on working in the peace corps or watever crap mentioned... Whatever happened in 2005 is irrelevant in 2010.. By the way i'm going into my second semster and really enjoyed and passed my 1st :)
  15. Tiffie1210

    How would you rate RN school

    Actually at WCCCD we had 3 classes two twice a week, Theory 2 hrs and lab 6hrs then assesment for 4 hrs once a week we had a QUIZ every week in lab and assesment.. 2 quizzes 2 exams and a final in Theory and it is MANAGEBLE not as difficult as most make it seem.. I did it so can anybody else.. and a 75% is passing.. It can be done!:)
  16. Tiffie1210

    WCCCD Spring 2010 starting soon

    Theres no waitlist just the point system thats why I chose them over Henry Ford because I probably would have STILL been waiting