Has anyone else taken College Chemistry wothout HS chem?

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Hello everyone!

I've already asked a question regarding college chemistry difficulty. You all helped alleviate my worries. But now I'm second guessing myself again. :(

Like I've said before, because of personal problems in my life at the time, I was unable to take high school chemistry. Now, I need college chem. I wasn't so worried until my cousin told me she got a C in the same class/teacher I'll be taking. And she took HS chem AND physics. That makes me think if she got a C, I'm bound to fail!!! Although, I did get an A+ in college algebra even though math is my weakest subject.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Please be honest, do you think I have any chance at all in this class?

By the way, I did go out and buy Chemistry for Dummies and I'm reading it now. Thanks for the advice!

I did take chemistry in high school and college and they are almost exactly the same. You might not be as familiar with the material, but you should be fine.

I took chemistry in high school, and again in college 8 years later. I didn't remember a thing from HS chemistry, and I got As in both of the classes. If you keep up with your reading and do plenty of practice problems, you will do well. Good luck!

I never took chemistry in high school & I got an A in intro to general chemistry. You'll be fine but I suggest you ask around about instructors & look them up on ratemyprofessor.com before choosing a course. Some instructors just teach better than others.

I never took Chemistry in High School and took it in college 2 semesters ago. I got a A in it. It's not that difficult as long as you study often.

I think you'll be fine if you're willing to put in the work studying. I basically didn't take HS Chem and then a year or two later I got a B in my college chem class

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Intro to Chem was very similar to high school Chem for me. In fact, it was what the school recommended to students if they didn't take any in high school.

I was glad I took it as a refresher before jumping into the higher level classes.

You should do fine. I took Chemistry in HS, and even a college Chem... that was 15 yrs ago, and I had to retake the Chemistry now due to it expired. I didn't remember anything from back then, and I managed to get an A in the class. Some of the stuff was alittle difficult, but I got through it. Best of luck!

Although, I did take chemistry in high school, college chemistry wasn't all that bad. I received a B in Intro Chem at a community college and when I transferred to the university I took Organic/Biochemistry which was required for my BSN program, and I received an A. So you just to put in the time to study and if you are falling behind or aren't understanding the material, make sure you go to your professors office hours, get a tutor, or just ask questions. Whatever resources are available use them, because your grade depends on you understanding the material obviously. But just because you know someone who got a C doesn't mean that you will too you never know you could get that A. Don't second guess yourself, you'll do fine.

I never took Chem in high school. I took it in college and got a B! It was pretty basic and the labs were a lot of fun!! Study lots you're gonna do awesome!!

Thanks guys! I'm praying that you're all right. :) I know I have the determination and study habits. I just hope I can understand it all. I've been told terrible things about this professor. But he's the only Chen professor available to non-Goodrich Scholars. :/

I've heard many people say to get a tutor, but how? Is this usually a free service offered at universities or do you have to pay??

You have to keep in mind that we're FORCED to go to high school and that plays a big part in the grades we earn there. I failed every science class I ever took in HS....lol I scored A's and B's in those same courses in college. How you performed in HS has nothing whatsoever to do with how you'll perform in college. How serious you are about you college education will dictate the grades you earn.

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