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Thats actually a really smart idea. I would never have thought of that!!

xtxrn, ASN, RN

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Yep.... worked in a retirement community (like 20,000 people w/75% of them retired). Used my stethoscope in 'reverse' a few times. Nobody got all that excited about it, though- LOL. Just looked at me weirdly :D


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What a wonderful doctor....!!!!!

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Keep a few cheaper stethoscopes around for this purpose. You don't want your $500 cardiac special walking off.

I can finally find something to do with those cheap stethoscopes provided by the facility.

I know just the patient to try that with too.. although she might think I'm nuts and take the stethoscope and throw it at my head.

bill4745, RN

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Wow! A doctor that is almost as smart as a nurse!

Jenni811, RN

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Wow! A doctor that is almost as smart as a nurse!


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