Has anyone Clep sociology what was the process and what do you recommrnd


Seeking ino in sociology clep

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Can you please restate this in English? I have no idea what you mean, but might be able to help. You never know.

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I think he is asking if anyone has ever taken the CLEP exam to get college credits to fulfill a sociology requirement. I did it for Spanish and humanities, but not sociology.

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I've never heard of anyone being able to clep a sociology class, but I'm guessing your school does or else you wouldn't be asking.

Talk to the professor who teaches the class if he/she can give you a study guide or powe points to study from for the exam.

I know the process for LPNs to clep the first semester of the RN program at my local Jr. college involves filling out an application for those classes eligible to be clepped, paying a modest fee, and signing up for a test date. That's about it.

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Yep - CLEP'd Sociology, English I & II as well as American History... it's not that difficult if you're willing to put in some study time. There are plenty of study guides out there and your school can provide you with information on the process for testing & submitting results to your school.

The tests are standardized, so I would encourage you to refer to published study guides rather than the relying on the advice of an instructor. Usually, schools have an upper limit on how many hours you can CLEP. Those hours will just show as 'passed' - no effect on your GPA at all.

But - don't fall for any of those fake 'college prep' programs like College Network.... that sell you some very high cost prep materials that you can easily locate on your own. You still have to pass the CLEP.


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ROTFL....the OP writes four or five semi-words in a row (but not a sentence) and it's generated far more information in response than I imagined it possibly could! :D

Some of you are truly gifted translators! :)

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OP whatever you do, please don't CLEP English!! :roflmao: