how hard is nutrition class? Will i feel loaded down if i add it?


how hard is nutrition class as compared to say, psychology or english?

I work full time and im currently going to take english 2 and psychology at night next semester,, i thought about adding nutrition and/or sociology.... was nutrition as time consuming as other classes?


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I personally thought nutrition was easy along with sociology. They were both classes that required little to no effort on my part other than showing up. I don't think you will feel loaded down. The worst part of my nutrition class was there was a physical activity schedule that we had to come up with an exercise program and then do it, so that was what required more work, other than that no biggie.


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I think it depends on the professor. Mine was kinda hard with lots of miscellaneous nutrition assignments due every week and her tests were challenging.


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are you taking any of these online? I've found it easier (especially if your a busy person) to split it up so you dont physically have to be there and can do it on your down time- that way it wont be too stressful. I heard it was pretty easy- I haven't taken it (not required for ADN here)

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I found my Nutrition class to be a very time consuming class. The Professor I had was pretty hard on exams and always had us doing "busy work", projects and papers to write.


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My class was super easy...simple little assignments here an there....definitely doable!

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msjill has it right. I was doing sudoku in mine just to stay awake! Lecture, some basic assignments and minimal memorization. The content is either common sense or stuff that you would have covered in bio anyway.

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I had to take a basic nutrition as well as a nursing nutrition class. The first was very very easy but I completely misjudged teh second one and that one was very hard and time consuming..


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I took it online not long ago and it was a ton of work, very time consuming. We were required to provide credible citations for answers to discussion questions every week. This took lots of time.


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I also took my nutrition class online and while the content was easy, it was a very time-consuming class due to all the busy work and paper we had to write.

Miz Que


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I agree with Miz Que and caliotter3. I am taking it online this semester and the information is easy but it is just a lot of busy work. I’m taking A&P right now and that class is a lot less work than my nutrition Class.