Had ADN/RN orientation today!!

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I am so very excited!! We had our ADN/RN orientation today!! Everyone seemed happy and excited to be there:heartbeat I cannot wait until August! Best of all I was able to get clinicals at the hospital I was hoping for:heartbeat The group at orientation seems like a great group and I really look forward to getting to know them. The price of books, I could not believe-almost 900:crying2: But, I will fork it over and hope I can make darn good use of all 900!! I am now even more excited! It is going to be a very busy two years, and I am very eager to start:nurse:

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If it's an option for you, check Amazon for used books (double-check the edition# or ISBN#). That's what I did to save some bucks.


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Congratulations! I know how excited you must be!


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Check ebay for books! I saved almost $500 by buying off of ebay, amazon, bigwords, abe, and half.com

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I bet you use most of those books over the course of your nursing program, so it's not like you'll be paying $900 for books every semester.

Good luck!


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Congrats! I wish I was at that stage already! I am just starting my pre-reqs:cry:


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Congrats! I imagine that the first semester is the most expensive, since you are just starting.

As everyone recommended try amazon or even bn.com used books. You might get a better price!

- Stephanie

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Congratulations. My program doesn't seem to have an orientation, so I have no idea what will be spent on books and the like.

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