GVN gets paid more than me!!


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I have a problem and need some advice from other nurses. I am an LVN of 9 years and have been working for a IM dr for about 2 years. There is another "nurse" that's works in the same office. My problem or question is i recently found out the other " nurse" is getting paid more than I am. The problem is this other " nurse" graduated about 5-6 years ago from vocational nursing but failed the nclex exam 2 times and has not tried to get licensed. She has found out now 5 years after graduating that she can no longer get her license and will have to restart the progrAm. Now I am very upset because I did my work passed my exam. I keep up with my license and do my CEs. I take pride in my nursing and it makes me very upset to know she is getting paid more and she is not even licensed. She still uses a gvn title. How long can someone use a gvn title? I don't know what to do? I know in this economy I should be thankful for having a job but it makes me very upset to know someone who was not responsible enough to become licensed can get more than me. Why did I try so hard to get my licence when I could have just acted as a nurse and get paid the same!!!! And she gets paid more than me!!!!!!! So upset I don't know what to do? I did tell my manager and they are lookin into increasing my pay but it I tried my best to always do my best while she is always getting complaints ugh!!!! I feel like quitting!!!please help!!

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I know the feeling. . .

I was working at a LTC facility last year. One of the new grads that they hired was given a pay rate of approximately $5 more per hour than what I was earning. To make matters worse, she was a weak nurse with no skills (couldn't even perform a finger stick for a blood glucose test). She's no longer working at this place. I ended up resigning, too, because I wanted to work at a place that would pay me what I am worth.


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I wonder how someone could even get a job in that manner, not even being able to obtain licensing. Seems like it could be dangerous... Just my two cents. Doesn't sound like a situation I'd want to be in. I really hope a solution is found...


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The person who owns the clinic is responsible for this or his designated HR person. Time to have a serious talk behind closed doors. However, I have found that these talks never bring about the desired result. And I see it as an affront. Whoever brought this about knew what they were doing. I would look for a new place of employment where you will get a wage that is worth your experience, even if you are brought to par. Don't be surprised if they try to stonewall you. That would be your answer.


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This is percisely why most places either have a uniform pay scale or they forbid you from dicussing such matters, because there can be such discrepancies. I know newer places and smaller facilities often have a greater range of pay based on how badly they need the help, work status (full time, part time, prn), experience, previous salary/wage, employee expectation, etc.; and often this is left open to negotiation. But the way it sounds that sucks.

The Graduate nurse thing actually depends on your state where I live one cannot work as a nurse PN or RN until they pass the NCLEX period there are NO graduate nurses as of several years ago when they changed the policy, probably due to people like that you never pass and keep working & stop trying tp take the exam.

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In my state, an LPN MUST have a license----there is no such thing as a GVN/GPN.

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Im curious about how someone who is a GPN and is not even eligible to sit for the NCLEX can be working as a Nurse. Does she wear a badge with the title of Nurse on it? Is this even legal? I thought that the Board of Nursing and the Nurse Practice Act was to hold people accountable for safe practice and to protect the public? This makes no sense, is she doing the work of a nurse or of a medical assistant?

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How long has the other "nurse" been working there? In a doctor's office situation I''d imagine the physician can pay someone whatever he or she thinks that person is worth.

If she is calling herself a nurse and doing things within the scope of practice of an LVN that's a definite legal issue. Otherwise her activities would fall under the broad umbrella of "medical assistant". In California there is no requirement that a person go to a formal MA school if the MD wants to train the person themselves.