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Briefly, what is your weapons policy?

How is this enforced?

Security on site?

Metal detector?

Altra, BSN, RN

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Security present at all times + metal detector.

Anna Flaxis, BSN, RN

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Small community hospital = no metal detector, one security officer for the entire campus, who I rarely see. The only thing separating us from the lobby is a glass window and a locked door, which unfortunately some co-workers seem to feel is acceptable to prop open for their convenience.

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No metal detectors in my inner city ER. Security is on site 24hrs a day. Double doors to ER are kept locked, and there are around 6 hidden cameras around the ER


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Inner city level 1 trauma center, unarmed security on site, all crisis patients are wanded but thats it. No metal detectors, no cameras.


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One of the busiest ED's in our inner city. We also have unarmed security (on site, but not in the department necessarily), no metal detectors. I am so surprised that they don't have them. The ED can be a very dangerous and volatile place.


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Front door locked at night. ED entrance cimtrolled. Windows, typical stuff. Back door at the loading dock never locked. Not even sure it has a lock. Back door faces the hood.


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Access to our ED is badge controlled. Visitors get an ED visitor sticker, which allows them access through the locked doors. Mental health patients and combative patients are stripped only to a gown and their belongings secured in a staff only area. Multiple cameras around the department, with 4-5 panic buttons scattered throughout the department. We have a pretty large security department (considering the number of beds our hospital has), that is headquartered in the ED. I believe some of them carry tasers and pepper spray as well.

IL just passed concealed carry, effective in January. If I recall correctly, it's now a felony to have a weapon on campus. We also have a special overhead page that indicates a weapon has been displayed somewhere on campus & we have a lockdown plan. If someone does that, security will contain the situation & notify local PD.

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We have security during the daytime. On nights we have PD, so we call them for any issues. No metal detectors in our ER. All doors are locked and accessible via badge access only.



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Perimeter doors into the care area are key-carded, panic buttons in all care areas, unarmed security at the entrance desk, and 3-4 real cops very close by at all times.

Still kinda sketchy at times.

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