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Graphics on a resume


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Hello fellow job seekers. I was wondering since I had finished up a nice classic resume, if it is unprofessional or tacky to have a graphic on a resume. Mostly just invisioned a medical graphic such as a Cadusus or something related to your RN or LPN. My resume is on a 24 wt parchment paper that is slightly off white with a few different fonts and some bold here and there (blah and boring to me). I imagine those who are looking at a stack of resumes, they probably all look somewhat similar. Are there any tips or hints that might help your resume stand out or be interesting enough for employers to look at?

If you want a classic resume, you should not have any graphics whatsoever, you want it all to be in the same font (though size/bold may vary for headings, etc), and make sure that it is no more than one page long.

Having been an employer looking at resumes, those that stand out best are the ones that are easy to read, succinct with just the relevant information. If a resume reads like a book and I have to spend more than a minute on it to get a good idea of your education/experience, chances are I will simply not read the resume and move on to the next one since there's usually no lack of qualified applicants for any given posted position.

Cutesy fonts, personal touches, and additions are, for a lot of HR people, reason enough to immediately discard the resume. While it might add a personal touch, unless you are applying for a job in graphic design or something similar, it tends to reflect as unprofessional instead.

Graphics are not even acceptable on resumes in the "artsy"/creative world. You will be remembered for the wrong reasons if you add them on your resume.

Your resume might even be used as a resume "don't" in a resume writing workshop. Just keep it professional


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ditto. I'm round filing resumes that aren't in the correct format. It's been well established in the business community what a resume should look like and there are infinite resources available in paper and online on the topic.

You get 5 seconds of first glance to get someone interested in your resume. Get their eye with action words like "invented" "established" "developed" "implimented" or "saved", not pictures. Good luck.

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In addition to what the others have said ... remember that your resume may be uploaded into a software program before it is viewed by the hiring manager. Graphics, fancy fonts, unusual spacing etc. might not load into the software properly -- causing your resume to look like a real mess.

Keep it clear, plain, simple, and easy to read. Avoid cutesy at all costs. Strive for impressive and professional.

What your resume says is what should stand out. No graphic is going to achieve what words will. A proper (clean and easy to read) resume will tell potential employers all that they need to know about you.

I'm just glad that we're not required to attach a photo of ourselves to our resumes like they do in some countries! Imagine having to sell yourself to employers with your words + a picture of yourself!! I'm so thankful we don't do this; I am so much better in person :p


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pink scented resumes.. very legally blonde

wrong on so many levels

I used a professional resume service - priceless!

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Thank y'all for the input and replies. I haven't ever placed any cutsie graphic items on a resume but did wonder if it is even done, and obviously it is in poor taste if it is. I do like my resume just the way it is. I was able to obtain some sample templates and found a really nice professional one that was layed out nicely for the eyes. Hope mine speaks to someone soon.

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I often hear people say they think their resume looks better the way they like it, but the fact of the matter is it belongs on a single page, in either arial or times new roman in a single font size, either 10 or 12pt. You may bold you name at the top. That's it. Good luck.


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:stdnrsrck:i think you should try [color=yellow]crayons and different colors. lol. keep it simple and professional.

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OP - you might want to have your resume professionally edited/critiqued. I noticed a few typos in your posts in this thread, so you want to be cognizant of possible typos in your resume as well.


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Never ever any graphics, ever! I'd toss yours in the trash just from the thought process or lack there of, of having me subjected to it, regardless of any high credentials and experience.

IT IS NOT NOT DONE. it is not an eye catcher, you just look... new.