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Let's hear from the 2004 Graduates! I'll be graduating as an RN (ADN) in December. Not much longer now! :balloons: :)

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I have graduation in December too. Time is flying bye. 8 1/2 more months...not that I'm counting! :rotfl:

maire, ASN, RN

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Right there with you! Almost there!!!


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Good for you guys!! I hope my two years goes quickly! :chuckle


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Me too!!! December '04 - hopefully anyway!!! :) :) :)


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August 12 2004. Thank You God!!! (And I sincerely mean that!!)

fingers are crossed for july 2004


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August 2004 I hope! The closer it gets to the time to graduate, the scarier it gets. I'm excited but also wonder if I know what it takes to be a good nurse. Good luck to everyone! :nurse:

UAB RN 2004

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August 2004!!!! Wish it were tomorrow!! Good Luck to everyone else!!!!


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May '04! Only 5 more weeks of class...



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may '04 graduate here! six weeks and counting!...

congratulations to each of us!


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September 2004! 22 weeks and counting...!

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