Graduated school in 07' still not an RN


Hi Everyone,

I need advice. I granduated with my RN degree back in 07'. I didn't pass the NCLEX and went through a long grieving period for several reasons. I am now taking a review class through Indiana State University but it has been so hard figuring out what to study or what to focus on. Does anyone have any advice that would make my life easier. My goal is to retake the NCLEX this summer.

Thanks to all that respond


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I would recommend a professional NCLEX review course such as the Hurst Review. Since you have not been in nursing school for four years, your understanding of nursing content is probably fuzzy due to the passage of time. The Hurst Review provides an excellent refresher of basic nursing content and packages it in a way that is easy to understand and recall.


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I second that! The Hurst Review was very beneficial!


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I also agree that you should try the Hurst Review to get yourself started. Also, you should decide upon a time frame, probably at least three months, schedule the test, then plan accordingly. Most people will just keep putting it off. Setting a firm test date should help you to focus. Good luck.


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Thank you so much for all of your guys help. I will definitely look into the hurst review and set a firm date so I have to stick with it. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend