2.95 GPA? Chances of getting in a BSN program?


Hi. I'm in a bit of a predicament.

So, I'm currently attending community college and I will obtain my Associates in Science degree in the Fall.

The thing, though, is my GPA is on the lower side. My GPA will only be a 2.95 by the time I graduate.

I've gotten A's and B's in my science classes.

The reason my GPA is so low is because when I first transferred, I had to take 2 pre-credit math classes (6 credit hours each), and I failed them with D's. I never had a chance to retake them as the classes aren't offered anymore, so my GPA is stuck.

I've really come a long way in regards to math. I got a B in my statistics class! I'm just not sure what my chances really are. A 2.95 GPA is low. I mean, the minimum to apply is 2.75. Most students admitted have 3.30-3.50 GPA.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you!


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I would check into traditional BSN programs, because some of them are direct entry. My school is a direct entry program, and the requirement was a 2.5GPA. Since it was direct entry, I was accepted with the minimum GPA. Had no issues after, and have had much higher grades in my nursing program than I did in pre-reqs. But to answer the question, yes it is possible.


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Slim to none unless you have some huge accomplishments that stand out.

Slim to none unless you have some huge accomplishments that stand out.

My weighted GPA is much higher. It'll be 3.23 by the time I graduate. My grades are pretty much solid A's and B's. Except the pre-credit math classes and a sociology class I got a C in. I can retake it and boost my GPA to a 3.01, barely making the 3.00 mark. I've been awarded the Honor of Dean's List, too. I can try to do volunteer work at a hospital. Do you think that can improve my chances?

They were developmental classes? What's your GPA without them?

Lots and lots of programs only consider your GPA for their specific requirements, so the grades in those classes might not even count.

You should be looking at the programs you're interested in and see what they consider in their applicants.

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You know I really think sometimes we in the nursing field can really have hang ups. You acknowledge that you failed your math classes and now have improvement with your math classes. Wonderful for you.. all we can do is keep improving. I would look for accredited schools that will consider your GPA. I know Lakeview College of Nursing does this (in IL). You may have to take math over and they may allow for it.

There are plenty of bright people who just do not take tests well. I was one of them for a long time. I am better at taking tests now but had to develop those test taking skills. Never, Never, Never, Give up on your dreams. If your dream is to obtain a BSN then move forward. Do not let your GPA stop you, you are not defined by your GPA this only gets your foot in the door and of course does open more options to you.

I graduated with a 4.0 and work along side a BSN who graduated with a 2.6 and she is one of the best nurses I have ever worked with. I have also worked along side a nurse who went to an "Ivy League" school, stopped at BSN because just could not afford any more tuition and this person is stagnated with learning, this person is also stuck in that they think they can rest on their education and not learn any more after all they kept stating "I learned all I needed at XXXXX University and there is nothing anyone can teach me any more".

Being persistent (in a kind way), ability to learn to become competent with procedures and treating people in a respectful way... I really do not care about your GPA with those attributes you are golden. Just because someone is "book smart" does not make a great professional. A well rounded individual who truly wants to learn, to grow with knowledge, increase their competence, and lastly can objectively demonstrate improvement via test scores to me should be welcomed open arms into the educational arena.

Apply and see what happens. It depends on the schools mininum gpa. Some colleges will accept a 2.85.


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I attend an accelerated BSN program with a minimum GPA requirement of 2.8; however, the applicant must have a 3.0+ in "prerequisite" courses. I would say find a program that is likely to accept your current GPA. And, yes, definitely get some volunteer work in a healthcare setting. A CNA would probably be even better!


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Slim to none unless you have some huge accomplishments that stand out.

I'm all for being realistic, but how do you know? Do you know for sure that all the programs in the U.S. would reject the OP? Many accredited programs only care about your GPA in your sciences. Everyone doesn't get it perfectly correct with academics the first time around. That doesn't mean that they're doomed.

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while but I'd like to update you all on my journey: I was accepted into the nursing program, I'm doing well in my classes, and I'm going to start my first clinicals in a week! Thank you all for your support, advice, and kind words. Hope you're well!

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6 hours ago, Transfer_Student said:

Final update: I graduate this May!

Congratulations to you and Great Job!