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Stumbled across this today for anyone who needs it: If you know your VA's station number you can look up the pay scale in the first section or you can look up the state in the section below. ... Read More

  1. by   kathy48
    I was hired at at Nurse II level II with a Masters Degree and teaching experience. Also 10 years as an RN experience.
    I know that a new grad RN started in the same organization at 5,000 more and doesn't have a Masters degree nor has the RN ever taught nursing. This difference Ive come to learn is something called "Locality Pay" and for the outpatient clinic at manage its supposed to be 10,000 because we follow NY state pay grade. I should be making 69,000. Not 59,000. But I. Keep getting the runaround. Other nurses said I accepted the offer too fast. They indeed, lowballed me.
  2. by   jeckrn
    Sounds like you are working at the Bath VA. If you go to Title 38 Pay Schedules - Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) it will tell you the pay scale for every VA and CBOC in the system. A N2S2 does sound low for your experience but how you are graded is more than just experience, its putting that experience on paper. The nursing board likes to see numbers, not just a generalized summary of your experience.
  3. by   bokyeongyoo
    I was on board at VA hospital today and the HR person informed my grade with the total amount I will receive but I am still confused. She said I will get paid 10% more for the pm shift and 25% more during the weekend. Are those percentages already included in my yearly income or will the differential be added up?
  4. by   pfchang
    The differentials are probably in addition to the pay she quoted you, but I strongly recommend that you call back for clarification.
  5. by   jeckrn
    They are differentials. If you work a PM weekend shift your differential with be 35%
  6. by   leahhopemiller
    Hey guys,

    I am an upcoming graduate in the Kansas City, MO area. I am considering the VA, but I was wondering if there is a PRN differential. Anyone know?
  7. by   TXRED147
    I know this is an older post, but I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how much I would start out in Dallas as a Nurse I level I. I'm a brand new Associates RN starting out and would like to know more about the VA internships and pay. I have looked at the pay scales and cant seem to understand them.
  8. by   HM3-2-BSN
    Nurse 1, step 1, looks like 51k.
  9. by   CSUSM10
    I have a BSN with 5 years of nursing experience after getting my BSN. I was just offered Level I, grade 3 step 8 at approx . 95k in San Diego ER. This is a per diem/part time spot. I'm curious why I wasn't given Level II?