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  1. chemdawg

    Insulin Administration

    Nursing Students reported that a nurse drawing insulin for a client, had removed one unit too much, therefore they re injected the needle into the vial and returned it. I am trying to link to a site or article that shows best practice. Our conversation did talk about the possibility of cross-contamination, how insulin should be properly disposed of, and the dulling of the needle. As this is only one unit and I have seen nurses just eject it out of the syringe (not place it back into the vial). How have you seen it done at your facility for 1,3,or 5 units? Is it written in a hospital policy. I will reference the CDC's drawing up medication policy when we revisit this topic.
  2. chemdawg

    Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    Are you sure they are gonna be ok with the side rails down?
  3. chemdawg

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Definitely interested if you could send to chemdawgg@aol.com.
  4. chemdawg

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Would you be willing to share your proficiency with me
  5. chemdawg

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    I put on gloves with the majority of my med passes because I know I'll be emptying urinals, hats, throwing away tissues, sputum cups etc. as soon as I finish the med pass.
  6. chemdawg

    Did you leave bedside nursing?

    I am still bedside and love it. It definitely is taking a toll on my body as I get closer to 50. I will soon have my MSN in education and know that I will take a cut in pay once I leave bedside due to the differentials. While bedside for some may be an entry level position, many new grads I know did not land a job in acute care, at the bedside, when they first started out. It is competitive and difficult work, physically and mentally. For now I enjoy the fact that I get to have time with patients and make a very good living for my family.
  7. chemdawg

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    If possible could someone send me examples for nurse 2 or 3. I am going back into the VA system and want to be able to write the 9 dimensions well. My email is chemdawgg@aol.com.
  8. chemdawg

    Questions about Unit Practice Council (UPC)

    I know this is am older thread but I was wondering if anyone has come upon the issue of only having civilians on the UPC. I currently work in a facility where this is the case. At my previous place of employment it was required to be 50/50. This was a wonderful way to incorporate new military nurses into the unit and helped to build skills outside of bedside care.
  9. chemdawg

    Does a 0.7 FTE at the VA accrue benefits?

    Thanks for the reply. I currently hold a 1.0 FTE but asked if there are any part time positions. I got the email over the weekend that stated there was an opening but I will not have management there till Monday to ask specifics. I was hoping to know a little more beforehand perhaps concerning PTO etc, but as I mulled over the idea there are so many additional questions relating to time vested etc.
  10. I am interested in accepting a 0.7 FTE at my current VA. I was wondering if any RN's currently work that FTE and if they still get PTO, paid holidays etc, even if at a lower rate.
  11. chemdawg

    ICU with a toxic environment

    Where I currently work there is a "culture" similar to what you propose here. I am not a new grad but work on a medical surgical unit in which the differing shifts look to tear down the other. You can walk into report and have 4 to 5 people from the oncoming shift not acknowledge or even make eye contact with you. Even after you have said good morning. I have to admit that it is very to be in that environment. Thank goodness it is only for 30 minutes physically but the constant CYA is there in the back of your mind as several look to bring attention to any perceived mistake you might have made to each other and the management. I am currently looking for ways to bless these, help them find joy and not let them steal mine. I look to the charge as a great resource and look for ways to help my comrades out.
  12. chemdawg

    VA versus GS position

    Thanks Pixie, I am weighing all that. I appreciate your feedback. We serve some of the best in our small community.
  13. chemdawg

    Organ Donation Organization Unethical

    Thank you first of all for your service in critical care. It is definitely not for everyone. I can relate to the awkwardness of having to see the patients family go thru "the talk". Especially when you have formed a bond with their loved one. I would as a family member appreciate someone in my time of grief, denial and self conservation, talking with me about the importance and what it entails. It could save some from regret later knowing that they had all the facts and we're able to make an informed decision. There are enough what ifs in this tumultuous world.
  14. chemdawg

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Curious how you like the job and how long from start to finish did it take to get in?
  15. chemdawg

    VA versus GS position

    I currently have a tentative offer for a GS position with MEDDAC at a large military hospital in Texas and have been offered a position at the VA nearby. Both will be on a medical\surgical floor but there is a difference in the population served. The GS position will include pediatrics. I was wondering if anyone has worked at either or both and what they preferred about each one, benefit wise etc. I have a tentative salary offer for GS 10 step 2 but the VA has only told me that with my BSN I would definitely start as a Nurse 2. Any tips are appreciated.
  16. chemdawg

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    I know this is an older post but wanted to put in my take on this. Hand Off is one of the NPSG's and vital to the safe continuation of care for patients that meet the criteria for hospitalization. As someone mentioned before the gauge of a patient's IV is vital in determining if it is appropriate for giving blood or going to CT. If you have tried multiple times to place one and the IV is a 24 G in the right thumb it may behoove me to find my best IV therapy nurse to come take a gander when the patient comes to the floor knowing that they will be getting Vanc Q8. I can appreciate the fluctuating pace of the ER and that the faster we can make the transition is better for all. If there seems to be a problem with lengthy report in your department I would recommend coming up with a standardized form that can be filled out with the determined pertinent information that is required at hand off. This would allow for even the oncoming ER nurse to have a quick easy reference to what has been done, is currently happening and still due to complete.