Time line for getting into Army Reserves as an ADN nurse

  1. Fellow Humans:

    Can anyone please tell me approximately how long it actually takes to get into the US Army Reserves? I am 1 year away from finishing my ADN program and I would like to begin the application process before I finish school.
    Also, when I was younger, about 20 years ago, I got into some legal trouble. Consequently, I know that I will need a waiver, if the Army decides to let me in because of the trouble I got into. Nothing major, just small stuff, but it still resulted in criminal convictions.

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  3. by   ameritow
    I had to wait until I passed the NCLEX before they would send my packet. However, once that was done and I was licensed, my packet went before the board and I had my answer in less than two weeks.
  4. by   ginger58
    Doesn't the Army still require a BSN?
  5. by   richardjboro1
    Reserves will allow ADN. http://www.goarmy.com/JobDetail.do?id=315 go about halfway down this page to "requirements".

  6. by   66HotelMikeFive
    I am a 2Lt in the Army Reserve. I made initial contact with my recruiter in October of 2007. I completed my "packet", obtained the required LOR's, completed the CV, obtained copies of all my my various licenses and certs, diplomas, transcripts etc, and submitted it all in November of 07. I obtained the "physical" in December of 07. I was "boarded" in May of 08 and accepted in the beginning of June of 08. I was Commissioned on July 1st of 08. As of today, December 19th 2008, I am still awaiting orders to report to my TPU. You are not "official" until you receive orders.

    Fair warning: THIS IS BY NO MEANS A FAST PROCESS. You will wait, wait and wait some more. Just go in knowing that the wheels of Army bureaucracy turn VERY slowly.

    There has been a prevailing theme here: Hurry up and wait.

    I realize that my timeline is the exception to the rule. Generally speaking, the time it takes from initial contact with your recruiter to receiveing your orders is averaging around 8-10 months. It could be faster, it could be slower. It depends on a number of factors. Some are in your sphere of infuence, some are not.

    Just my .

  7. by   ArmyNurse2BSoon
    Here's my timeline.. Initial contact with an AMEDD recruiter in Sept. 08. Completed the packet, got transcripts and LORs, went to MEPS, jumped through various hoops and was supposed to be boarded in November. It didnt happen because there were problems with my LORs. Got everything fixed and should have gone to board in December (which was only 2 weeks after Nov boards). Didnt get boarded in Dec. because my nursing license expires 12/31/08 and they didnt have a copy of the renewed license in my packet. That is now resolved so I am projected to board in January '09 as a 1LT.

    Stay tuned, Im sure the insanity will only get better as I get closer to January boards.

  8. by   Staczse7
    I have a BSN, but to me a nurse is a nurse whether the nurse is a LPN or a ADN or a BSN or a Master's Prepared. We all have something to contribute. I learned alot of my skills from LPN's that way back when could run circles around me and could probably still do so today. Anyway, my timeline was... I started my packet mid-september..... completed it mid October (or so I thought).... went to the November Board......the day off I was running around getting two of my 195's fixed so that I could get boarded. I did get boarded and on 12/6 I commissioned as a 1LT. The whole process you could say was a nail-biting experience for me, literally speaking.... in fact I ended up on clindamycin for a mild cellulitis in my r thumb after biting my nail down to the line and I go to the gym frequently and use free weights..... need I say more.

    I was also fortunate that I had a recruiter that knew what he was doing.
  9. by   olderthandirt2
    You can add 2 months onto the "timeline" from the day you are commissioned, until you receive your papers....and are official.

  10. by   captncourageous98
    This might be a bit off topic but I am wondering if you can delay possible deployment as a reserve nurse with ASN while obtaining BSN?
  11. by   just_cause
    As a reserve nurse - yes you could be activated even if you happen to be a full time nurse (or other job..) stay at home mom.. or pursuing a BSN..

    The only ablibi is that if you had some sort of Army sponsored schooling you might not be 'eligible' to deploy.. perhaps the STRAP or being selected to attend CRNA school etc.. but if it's you on your own time - sure you might deploy - whether you want to or not
  12. by   NaySway
    I was just accepted into an RN transition program where it takes 12 months to complete your ADN if you are already an LVN/LPN. I spoke to an Army Medical Recruiter and he told me to submit my paperwork starting 6 months BEFORE I graduate RN school for Commissioning. I am currently a 68WM6 in the Army Reserves (E-5).
  13. by   just_cause
    ...active duty can submit 12 months prior to date of graduation - unsure about the reserve... I would say that if 6m was the case then you could definitely start building your packet at 12m out.
  14. by   captncourageous98
    Congratulations! Have you decided what you are going to do afterward? Will you take a bonus or tuition reimbursment? I wish you the best of luck. I am also an LPN working for my RN then BSN.