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  1. Priorities Clash, Need Advice

    If by family you mean your spouse, then you cannot have a successful military career without that support. I have been an Army Officer for three years, I could not do it without my wife's support. She has not always agreed with the Army, and she may ...
  2. Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    I absolutely love Harley Davidsons. Especially old pans and knuckles. I also really like Indians. However, as an ED RN, I have seen way to many serious injuries as a result of bikes. I have family that have been riding for years. I still have a motor...
  3. OBC-RC Pay

    I have heard you have to "go online" and register, or confirm your attendance at OBLC. How does one go about this? Just received orders this week.
  4. OBC-RC Pay

    In the same boat here LT. No pay for an entire month is really going to be hard. I have went round and round with the PTB at my unit. No luck. Its the way the system is set up. Reservists get screwed all the way around in comparison to their AD count...
  5. Going to take the plunge and go Army Reserve

    Good luck bro. Its a long process. Be prepared to wait and wait some more. Good for you on your decision to volunteer.
  6. Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    That is bassackwards. If you really want to fly.... do your time with the Army... then move to the Air Force. They are the only service with dedicated flight nurses. Either that or fly on a civilian crew as an RN and continue to serve in the Reserves...
  7. Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    I could be mistaken but I dont think there is an age limit under the new standards.... I could be wrong. However, like you said.. you must pass the APFT at the 17-21 level regardless of your age..... at age 38...for me... ouch. I could do it but it w...
  8. Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    I am not saying you cannot get into an FST unit as a 66HM5... truth is... I dont know for sure... I just know its not an option for me as a Reserve RN to get assigned to one unless I move....believe me.. I tried... its what I wanted. As far as "optio...
  9. army reserve nurse corps-need the real truth

    This is true to an extent. However, like anything else in life, the Army merely creates opportunity, it is up to you to Carpe Diem. You make your own career. As far as "volunteering" for deployment... it depends on how aggressive you are about obtain...
  10. OBLC requirements

    But its still fun.
  11. army reserve nurse corps-need the real truth

    I agree ..the op tempo for 66 series officers has slowed. However... I have ears in the intel side... and I am hearing that things are going to heat up significantly in Afghanistan... it remains to be seen how that effects deployments overall and it ...
  12. Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    Yes... they will utilize 66H8A, as well as Perioperative Nurses on Forward Surgical Teams.
  13. Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    Get assigned to an FST and you will go to jump school. I'd be there but there isnt a unit close to me.
  14. OBLC requirements

    Wine? or did you mean whine? Can I get you some cheese?
  15. army reserve nurse corps-need the real truth

    It is true. As a soldier in the Army Reserve Nurse Corps you will always be subject to the needs of the Army and therefore subject to deployment. Everyone has their own reason for volunteering to serve. You need to search your soul and find your true...