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  1. Army Accession Timeline--packet to orders

    Submitted packet in Sept '08, selected/commissioned in Jan '09, cant get another word from my I have no idea where I am in the continuum.
  2. February Army Boards

    Congrats OTD2!!! Good luck!!
  3. I got my "Dear First Lieutenant" congrat letter today

    I got my letter this week too. It was really cool to finally see it in print but Im like Edie, Im not holding my breath waiting for my orders.
  4. the long, drawn out, aggravating and frustrating wait for orders

    After reading all of that, Im hoping to have mine by my birthday (April 15th). I was SOO hoping to get to drill in April, but looking at it now, I will be lucky if I get to go in May... I an really trying not to be pessimistic, but with my history in...
  5. Thoughts on the recent declaration of 15K troops to Afghanistan

    Well said, Edie. Im with you 100%!!!
  6. Time line for getting into Army Reserves as an ADN nurse

    Hey..I know this was addressed to Edie, but I will tell you that my packet went up on Wednesday, January 21st, and my recruiter was notified on the 22nd. She called me later that afternoon on the 22nd and I swore in on Saturday the 24th. Once the boa...
  7. January AMEDD Board

    Thanks 2soldiers...Youre up next!!!
  8. June OBC

    I commissioned Jan 24th ( :) ) and I was told that it might be the first of April before I get my orders. Like Stacee and Edie said, I am trying for June too. August is out bc my hunni is coming home from Iraq then. If I cant get into the June class,...
  9. January AMEDD Board

    Oh lordy...what did you have to do in front of 100 soldiers??? I hope I dont have to do that or I will puke on the Commander. I dont think there is any dishonor in that... Kidding.
  10. January AMEDD Board

    WOO HOO thanks for all the well wishes!!! I swore in yesterday, the 24th, and it was AWESOME!! I was shaking like a leaf!!!
  11. January AMEDD Board

    Thanks and congratulations to you too.
  12. January AMEDD Board

    Got word today that I boarded as 1LT. Planning on commissioning Monday, Jan 26th. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Im so freaking excited!!!
  13. January AMEDD Board

    I would like to know too...well, since this question was asked for me..hahahhaa THANKS EDIE!!!!
  14. More Questions...WTC vs BCT

    I may be wrong, but if you commission as a nurse in the ANC, you wont have to go to WTC. You will go to OBLC like everyone else.
  15. how long from boarding to secretary to comission

    Edie, That is so true. Having a significant other that is enlisted, he tells me that there is nothing worse having a commissioned officer that has NO clue what is going on. I feel like people in leadership positions owe it to themselves and those bel...