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olderthandirt2 specializes in ICU- adults, Flight RN peds/neo.

prior AR 66H8A, now Active Duty ANC

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  1. Army Reserve CRNA

    I'm currently Active duty rn in the Army CRNA program (USAGPAN) and female :) If anyone has any questions about the program, let me know. As far as reserve....I was reserve as a 66H8A (icu rn) then went active. From what I understand the Army Reserv...
  2. Anyone else going to the USAGPAN in 2011?

    just an fyi, remember to the check the military forum on the other nursing anesthesia website (google it), b/c they have alot of info on the USAGPAN program. Other VA peeps write on there too. One of the main contributers to the forum is an instruc...
  3. July '10 OBLC

    this is my understanding as well. good luck, c.
  4. July '10 OBLC

    they arrange transport for you....right? They did for me 2 yrs ago. Just making sure you didn't book the ticket yourself. good luck, c.
  5. Keep getting different answers?

    Get as many letters of recommendation as you can gather. Coworkers, supervisors, instructors, mentors, etc. I think I had at least 5 or 6 LORs. I didn't worry about the "time frame of when I worked with them, but at least one was current". The ke...
  6. New Running Plan, etc.

    So put in for Landstuhl.....I knew 2-3 new grads who had that as their 1st pick and got it in 2008...Anything is possible. c.
  7. Army PFT

    Hey Athena, How are you doing? Are you back from your D.? I'm about to take off from FT Sam for the 2nd part of the USAGPAN CRNA training.....going to Madigan. I hope you are well !!!!! C.
  8. Army PFT

    At FT SAM, not everyone does the "run" portion on a track.....Oblc does. My company doesnot. We run from the "kwanza hut" to the library (1 mile up, 1 mile back)......3x times in the last year!
  9. Army PFT

    Very true......the ground can be hard, especially at FT SAM. And if you are doing your PT at OBLC / FT SAM, be prepared for HEAT. And more HEAT. It even feels hot and humid at 0500 when you'll be doing the test......in the dark. You run in the dark...
  10. Army PFT

    Nope, no music.
  11. Army PFT ???

    Hooah, good job................. Just a word about running which we all know----running distance and "SPRINTING a 2 miler" are different muscle fibers types (type 1 for long runs and type 11a for sprinting). If you want to "max" your run for the apft...
  12. Needing some advice and opinions... kinda down:(

    Correct. I am an Active Duty 1LT (was Reserve for 14months prior). My salary equates to civilian 70~ish. (b/c 34% of my gross is untaxed, however I live in an area that has a BAH of $1345......so YOUR location will dictate your untaxed portion of you...
  13. Army to pay for CRNA school?

    there is another website that is for nurse anesthesia specifically. On it there is a "military forum", with TONS of info on it for perspective students for USAGPAN and USUHS...............just google nurse anesthesia military forums. good luck! curre...
  14. Getting on a Military base

    Completely agree it is "base dependant". Ft Lewis, I needed a "day pass" b/c I didn't have a dod sticker on my car at that time (military ID wasn't good enough)....I guess b/c it is an armarment?
  15. Getting on a Military base

    If your car has "expired registration---plates" you will be turned away. SOMETIMES, they will let you through, but most the time not. Make sure everyone in the car has ID. Occasionally my husband forgets his ID and I have to do some serious 'xplainin...