1. can anyone link me to any good military nurse bloggers ?
    i would love to get a peak in the lifestyle ....
    im really interested in what deployment is like for a nurse
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  3. by   dotsero
    Here's one that is really good,
  4. by   dotsero
  5. by   newleaf2012
    thank you so much ! your awesome
  6. by   huntergirl
    Great info. I read both blogs and they were really interesting. Both of these nurses started in stepdown units, how common is that for new nurses? I thought all new nurses started out med surg? Anyone else know of any other army nurse blogs?
  7. by   dreamon
    I love blogs! Can't wait to read these.
  8. by   knurjohn1
    These blogs were just in time and a wonderful read!!!! Thank you and are there any more to be found for more encouragement??:spin:
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    This should be a sticky.
  12. by   hopeful_army_NP
    here's another one, this blog is a journey through OBLC and 1st RN job
  13. by   jentrump29
    Any Air Force blogs out there?