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  1. Army PFT ???

    Awesome, inspiration and motivation. Hooah!
  2. Got my Orders! Army Reserves

    Congrats!!!! ACUs are universal so size is based on ht/wt. Good luck with everything.
  3. Reserve Deployment and Childcare

    I would bet that you could find a parent at your son's school that is already a home daycare provider or if not already there may be one that is looking to make extra money 2 days weekly. It would be great if you could find a neighbor/classmate who i...
  4. Preparing for BOLC

    email sent, no problem where are you PCSing to?
  5. Preparing for BOLC

    Hi. I am at BOLC now(since 29 March) I can email or PM you the list if you would like?
  6. Army PFT ???

    best wishes, we had a 2LT get a 394!!!!! It was amazing to watch him perform.
  7. Army PFT ???

    Run time 20:39, sit ups 43, push ups 23, my total was 199. I know I need to get better but was happy to pass the first time, I took a total of >5 minutes of my run time. By time I get to WINN I will be improved:).
  8. Army PFT ???

  9. Army PFT ???

    2 miles, the track at BOLC is .5 miles so you run 4 times around a track that seems so long. Here is the link to a APFT calculator. You will test about 1 week after arrival. http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/physical...
  10. 52 y.o. Army Reserves 66H awaiting orders

    Hi, I have to study for midterm tomorrow but after that I will e-mail you with answers to all your questions.
  11. Prior nursing exp applies to higher rank?

    Yes, I believe the ADN time is not counting towards your constructive credit.
  12. Army PFT ???

    I DID :)pass but the sit ups where so hard! My run time was under 1 minute- I even surprised myself! It is def different when everyone is out there running and the clock is up so you know how fast(or slow) you are finishing each lap.
  13. 52 y.o. Army Reserves 66H awaiting orders

    I am AD 66H but I am an Adult NP, currently here in San An for my 9 week BOLC course. Today is the 1st day of my 3rd week. I am direct commission with zero prior military experience so this has been a very interesting time for me LOL. The reserve com...
  14. Prior nursing exp applies to higher rank?

    I am in as CPT, 13 yrs experience, MSN/ANP- 5 yrs. My constructive credit equals 05yrs, I am 66H since there is no ANP MOS. Not sure why you wouldn't go in CPT, how long have you had your MSN?
  15. COT and running

    The music sounds fun, we don't have that here at BOLC. I miss running w/ my music of choice...cadences. LOL. But ofcourse off duty running you can wear music.