Active Duty Navy Direct Accession FY 2017 - page 10

Greetings! I am a RN with about 1 years medsurg experience looking to apply for FY 2017 to the Navy for direct accession. Anyone else out there working on their packet or that have already submitted... Read More

  1. by   Jjrn18
    Congratulations!!! Oh my gosh. Remind me again what your specialty was and when your board was supposed to meet/when it met?? My board meets in less than ten days!!!!
  2. by   NatashaCNOR
    My board met February 12(that week). I'm a Perioperative Nurse. I've been trying since 2016 but I had to get a waiver which took nearly a year to get approved. There is supposed to be a Nurse Corps board on the week of the 15 each month. My recruiter told me I was selected before it was approved by Congress. Your recruiter may let you know by the end of March or they may wait until after Congress approves. Good luck!!!
  3. by   chuckie3571
    I'm a little late posting here but I applied back in November, I found out in February that I was waitlisted, I applied for MedSurg as well... Hope to hear something soon about some spots opening up!!!
  4. by   Jjrn18
    I just found out a few weeks ago I was not selected, at all. Talking to my recruiter about submitting a reconsideration package
  5. by   Chelle2013RN
    Hey JJrn18, BSN! I applied back in 2017 for critical care and I had only 6 months of experience back then and was not certified. I'm reapplying again this year since I had the time to make myself a competitive candidate by getting my CCRN, getting more leadership positions etc. my recruiter says my packet should go make it to the May boards and I'll find out by June. Don't give up! Work hard to make yourself a competitive candidate.
  6. by   lnhayes
    Just found out on Friday I got called up from the alternate list!!! I'm so excited! The boars I applied for met in November so hopefully everyone starts hearing good news soon!
  7. by   Chelle2013RN
    Inhayes, what speciality are you going into? Congratulations.
  8. by   lnhayes
  9. by   chuckie3571
    Inhayes i just got the same news that i will
    Be commissioning this fiscal year!!! Congratulations! maybe we will be at ODS together
  10. by   Chelle2013RN
    Congratulations. I'm hoping to hear some good news by June.
  11. by   lnhayes
    Found out I'm going to ODS in August! Now I'm just trying to decide where I want to be stationed. Either Portsmouth or San Diego, not sure which one to pick.
  12. by   chuckie3571
    Inhayes, are you from the east coast or the west coast? I heard housing allowance goes further in portsmouth than san diego... both are awesome options though!! Congratulations!!
  13. by   lnhayes
    From the east coast but currently living in Colorado. I heard that too, but I also heard the area around Portsmouth isn't that great. I think I'm going to pick San Diego! Thank you!