Got an interview but...I'm not so excited anymore


I recently transferred to my hospital's ED almost less than a year ago and everyone has been nice to me but it's a far commute. Recently I got an interview scheduled up for one of the biggest hospitals in the region/country that is literally almost 15 minutes away for their ED. For a long time I was dreaming to go to this hospital since the pay is amazing and it's a learning hospital so education opportunities will be greater. But as soon as I read the email I felt bad. The current hospital I work at the staffing has been lacking due to a lot of resignations and status changes. They gave me my first hospital job and even gave me an opportunity to work in the ED when no other hospital at the time wouldn't take non experienced RN's for the ED. I feel like I'm betraying my current job like this. I know I haven't even accepted the job yet, but is it wrong that I'm feeling like this now?

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I don't believe it's wrong to feel that way. It's normal, even with things off nursing topics. If you believe the opportunity at the other hospital outweighs your guilt for leaving your current hospital (that means no regrets), then you're good to go ? just give them adequate enough time before leaving so that they aren't hurting even worse!

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This is YOUR career, your life. You have to do what is best for you, not a corporate entity.

Trust me, corporations are NOT people too. They would can you in a heartbeat.. if they felt the need.

Are you wondering WHY "the staffing has been lacking due to a lot of resignations "?


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FWIW, I would encourage you to go to the interview. You never know how you will feel afterwards. It may be the best interview you ever had, or you might feel the grass is greener where you are.


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For what it's worth.


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You need to think of yourself first in this situation. What is better for you and your career? Like someone said previously, your present hospital probably will not think twice about letting staff go. Commuting can be a nightmare, especially for nurses that work long hours. Stop feeling bad for someone or some entity that more than likely would not feel sorry for you. Interview for the other job and see what happens. Your present hospital does not even have to know you even considered anything new.

I am leaving my present job in a few weeks for another opportunity. Although I really like most of the people I work with and I hate to leave most of them behind, I feel like I have plateaued on this unit and have to move on to something more challenging, which this new job promises to be. Also, management in general is lacking structure, morale is low, turnover is high -- clearly it is time to move on from somewhere that has no future for me.

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Generally, no matter how "nice" people seem, there is not one ounce of loyalty on their part. They do not care, no matter what they are putting on as far as a dog and pony show.

Go to the interview. See if you are offered a position (and make sure you get it in WRITING before you give notice to your current employer). Look at the unit, see what the atmosphere seems like.

And it cuts 15 minutes off of your commute time, which can be better for your family life.

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Think of it this way, you will be opening up a spot for another new nurse :) best of luck