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  1. Undone

    Is this a violation of HIPPA?

    I had to stop reading at "IV in nipple".
  2. Undone

    Needlestick :(

    Sorry, I didn't read thoroughly. Yes, that is messed up and your life is more important than that job, you should have been able to leave (or just left).
  3. Undone

    Needlestick :(

    I see some new guidelines state the post exposure prophylaxis should begin ideally within 2 hours, but cdc guidelines state within 72 hours. Just because you didn't get it in the ideal time frame, you were still within the 72 hour time frame.
  4. I had a hamster come back after several days on the lamb, don't give up hope.
  5. Undone

    Interview Worries

    Email the person you interviewed with and explain that in your nervousness due to being so excited about the opportunity you realized your mistake after you left and wanted to let her know that you know the difference between the two. I wouldn't describe the peri care.
  6. Undone

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    All NYP'S are not the same. NYP Queens base is $82 and change, before differential.
  7. I don't know if you will ever see an O2 >100. I can't answer the rest.
  8. Undone

    help in job.... long island

    Anyone who replies to your plea for help will note your typo's and poor grammar. Just sayin'.
  9. Undone

    ADN nurses NYC

    Many ADN nurses get hired at HHC hospitals, give that a try. Salary is 69k base.
  10. Undone

    Discovered a boo-boo on Social Media

    OP, you said in one post that you were not worried about retaliation because the person was in no position to retaliate, in another post you said you wanted to report anonymously because you were concerned about retaliation.
  11. Undone

    Advice on RN Salary NYC

    Good to know!
  12. Undone

    Advice on RN Salary NYC

    Can you believe I had to look up IIRC...ha. It's on 26th - 28th st. That is an HHC that a lot of people would like to get into.
  13. Undone

    Advice on RN Salary NYC

    Bellevue, I believe, is HHC. NYhospital Queens is a terrific hospital, not HHC, now called NY Presbyterian Queens.
  14. Mine took about 4 days
  15. No, they say "or must be enrolled...", but there are too many BSN'S out there looking.
  16. Undone

    What hospitals in NYC hire Associate Degree RNs?

    Unless you already work at one, or know someone who can get you in, it has been my experience that no NYC hospitals hire ADN's.