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  1. To go from deadlines, nonstop studying, stress stress stress, exams, omg exams, excitement of pinning, graduation to not really having much to do can feel like a little bit of a let down. Nursing school is constant stress, now it's over. I think it's...
  2. Failed nclex 10 times should i try again???????

    And this is what is scary about being the patient. Your decision not to go back to take a course so that you can get the help you need to grasp the material that you didn't understand is concerning. What will you do when you don't understand at work,...
  3. Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    Can the next complaining post please be about nurses who start comments (in live conversation, on social media, etc.) with "As a nurse..."? I'd rather eat bowels of jello than have to hear/read that. Especially when it comes from someone who has had ...
  4. life support and ethics

    Asaenz12, if that is your real picture you may want to change it. Best to be as anonymous in online forums as you can.
  5. 40 yr old with GED. Is a MSN even possible?

    I dropped out of school, barely went after 9th grade. I got my GED with no classes to prepare and started community college at age 40 a few years later. I started part time for my prerequisites , got into the program with a 4.0 gpa and graduated at t...
  6. is age part of HIPAA?

    I should learn to use the quotes, I was replying to this when I said to tell them by law she cannot answer.
  7. is age part of HIPAA?

    Just say that by law you are not allowed to discuss info about other patients, just as you cannot share info about them.
  8. Needlestick

    Had the needle been used before you got scratched? If not, then what would you be at risk for? The needle, if unused, was sterile, right?
  9. MedSpa Ex-Boss Wants Me Back After I Graduate

    Just tell him if you return you would have to be practicing as a RN.
  10. That dreaded question...

    I recently filled out a job application that asked an entire page of questions about alcohol abuse, if you drink in the morning, feel you need it to relax, etc. Like anyone would say yes? I feel it was completely out of line.
  11. So I kind of messed up

    Actually now, in NY anyway, you only disclose your meds after the test. However, the rx will be dated after the test.
  12. During nursing school I studied my butt off, because I wanted to learn everything I could, so that I could understand as such as I could, because I worked hard to get there and did not intend to do it half way. Why would I have worked so hard to get ...
  13. It took less than a week for my license to show up on the BON site. That was a couple of years ago.
  14. Meaning of your username?

    I made my when I was a nursing student. At the time I was coming undone :)
  15. Just 6hrs Paycheck

    Maybe the pay week starts and ends on a day that only included that one shift on your first check. Hopefully.