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Got my ATT. Now, it's time to prepare earnestly for NCLEX!

Did you pass NCLEX with learningext review?

  1. 1. Did you pass NCLEX with learningext review?

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Hello Guys!

I graduated a month ago, and now facing the big "Monster" called NCLEX! I'm very nervous indeed, but I try to believe that I CAN pass this exam with no issue! I'm currently doing a 5-week course from NCSBN's learningext. I'm very worried as I'm always scoring in the low 60's on each posttest (given after each lesson). The passing grade is 75, and I have never gotten close to that..ever! Is that a bad sign?

I plan to take the exam on the 14th day of July..which is a month away! I started Pharm today, and I can say this: I FEEL LOST! There are so many side effects and other stuffs..How do I learn those?

Please did anyone have a good experience with learningext review???

I will also LOG IN my daily achievements..in regards to studying for NCLEX! You good people can help me stay responsible during this journey to SUCCESS!


First and Last time NCLEX taker!

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Wednesday, 13th of June

Lesson 6: Classification of Meds according to Body Systems (Didn't finish this! It's SOOOO VAST!)

Self check practice questions: Total of 20 (Got 45%) :(

Going to bed now, hoping to wake up and study once more!

-Peace and Blessings :)

You can do this! New grad has higher chance of passing. Goodluck :)

Oohh I wanna believe this SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I feel like I'm not retaining anything! I don't do well in the practice questions! ooh my world! :(

but THANKS THO!!!!!!

Don't worry, you will be fine. Just remember you have learnt so much this far, you can do it...Make sure to practice some questions daily between 25-50 questions (Saunders and NCLEX 3000 helped me), know your lab values- normal and abnormals, you are already prepared...and please do not stay up to study the night before......GOOD LUCK!!!!

Thanks a lot, phillylove! I plan to study to the best of my abilities!!! My issue is with Pharm, I can't really sit on my butt and wish that I don't get any Pharm questions on that, because I might be badly surprised! I'm just trying to do my best in that area.

I practice with Self-Check practice questions from the learningext review course..a total of 20-40 a day, and I'm not doing all that good...scoring low 60's and most recently 45's. I'm quite scared about those scores, but I'm hoping that I learn from the rationales provided :)

I actually used Kaplan for my review, and the way they laid out their medication section was really helpful to me. They recommended studying by class, and knowing all major side effects and nursing implications for the classes, rather than every single individual drug. This was extremely helpful and it really worked on my NCLEX, because if I knew what class the medication was in, I knew what side effects to expect and what would be concerning to me. I took the NCLEX on Monday and had about 10 medication questions, ALL pertaining to adverse versus expected effects. By studying this way, I felt very confident in my medication/pharmacology NCLEX questions. I passed with 75 questions. Good luck to you!!! :)

THANKS, RachelW! I scheduled this morning for 16th of July, 2012 (8am)! OOHHH LORD, it just got REAL!

I just rented La Charity from Barnes and Noble..hopefully I can answer some questions from it before the 16th!

I took the test at the end of December, did not pass. Someone posted this book as a suggestion, I bought it and went through it and took the test again on 6/12 I am now an LPN. Thank God, I prayed a lot, when I looked on my state BON this morning broke down in tears.

Everyone on this site is awesome. Don't give up.

Here's the book: Comprehensive review for Nclex PN - Pearson Reviews and Rationales - Second Edition 978-0-13-262141-0

I bought it on Amazon.

Thanks, skbgirl! But I'm actually preparing for NCLEX-RN exam. But I will definitely make use of PDA, even if it's for one day!

Random: Do you guys act "crazy" while studying? Be it when you are answering practice questions or just reading materials? "Crazy" like talking to yourself and trying to be a professor to your self (if that makes sense..oooh...NCLEX is making me have Broca's aphasia! Lol!)? I caught myself doing it few minutes ago, and I was like "Jess, you are definitely going nuts!" :eek:

Thursday, 14th of June, 2012

NCBSN's learningext: Lesson 7: Reduction of Risk Potential (It's sooo long, so I did half of it...continue again early this morning!)

Kaplan's Practice, Strategies and Review Book: I did 100 Practice Questions (scored 72/100 :banghead:)

Since today, I've been reading some posts from today's NCLEX takers..and it seems like Infection Control is the highest thing! Thus, now I'm listening to Kaplan MP3 format lessons on Infection Control.

After this, it's time to brush my teeth, wash my face and time to snoooozzzzeeee!

Good night, everyone!!

Friday, 15th June, 2012

Today was mostly wasted! I didn't read anything. I barely listened to Kaplan MP3 lessons. I started practice questions from NCBSN's review course (Question Bank of 20 questions each)..

ALL Topics V... 60%

ALL Topics VI.. 45% :crying2:

ALL Topics VII... 70% ( My VERY FIRST highest score ever! :yeah:)

I'm still up..and it's 3.12am!! I'm determined to answer the WHOLE Question Bank 1 before bed tonight!


So, I have been goofing off a little since this weekend. But I made a calendar for myself, which I hope to follow earnestly!

Log in study activity for Tuesday, 19th June 2012

Cardiovascular Meds (Saunders 5th ed)

Finished up Lesson 8A: Cardiovascular system on NCBSN review course

Lippincott Alternate format: 15/26 (I hate SATA questions!!)

La Charity - Cardiovascular chapter: 23/34 ( I was expecting less than this, guys! call this improvement? Idk!)

NCBSN Self check practice questions: 60% (When will I ever get high 70's or 80's???!!

With that...I bid y'all a great night. I'm going to sleep, and wake up and do it ALL over again! I can't wait to take and ACE this test!!!!! AMEN!

P.S. I have been praying to St Joseph of Cupertino, I saw someone's post on here that said that helped her a lot. I'm a Catholic and I believe in the powerful intercessions of our patron saints. So I'm believing that prayer WILL work for yours truly. *faith moves the highest mountains*:bowingpur

Hello all! I'm still here plugging away with study time. How are y'all doing??

Log in activity for Wednesday, 20th June 2012.

Lesson 8B: Respiratory from NCBSN learningext

La Charity: Respiratory chapter (23/35..Good God! I hate that!)

Lippincott Alternate format: (18/25...*sobbing*)

Kaplan strategy book: (40/51...made me happy!)

NCBSN Self check practice questions: 82% (HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY!!!)

So guys, quick question: What can you delegate to a new RN on orientation?? I got so many questions about this today...and I kept failing them?? Any input on this? Let's help each other learn :)

Time to REST my poor head! I pray ALL this info will hide in several corners of my brain cells..only to be awakened to its full potential on NCLEX day..LOL! :up:

Hey everyone! First of all, a HUGE congrats to all that PASSED Nclex today!:w00t: I'm so happy, and I hope I will be blessed like y'all next month. Well, this is my study time activity for today:

Log in activity for Thursday, 21st June 2012

Respiratory Meds (Saunders)

Lippincott Alternate format: (12/25...I almost had a nervous breakdown after this! :redlight:)

Kaplan Strategy 2012/13 Book: (33/50....this is still worrying me A LOT!)

NCBSN Self check practice questions 1: 77% (at least I got a passing grade on this one)

NCBSN self check practice questions 2: 61% (totally bombed this one...oooh my world!)

Saunders CD (Respiratory Quiz): 10/10 (Thank Godness...something to smile about)

Well, this was my day today! I'm hoping ALL this work pays off on the morning of 16th July! I wanna PASS my NCLEX-RN on the FIRST try! :bowingpur

Hey Guys!..Just keeping myself accountable.

Log in activity for Friday, 22nd June 2012

NCBSN Lesson 8C: Neurological System

La Charity (Neuro chapter): 65% or 25/38

Lippincott Alternate format: 56% or 14/25

NCBSN Self check practice question bank 1: 77%

NCBSN self check practice question bank 2: 61%

GUYS!!!! Please I need some advice or encouragement or something! I'm currently losing my grip on reality. How can I be trying my very best...studying long hours on end...studying late into the wee hours of morning..BUT yet, I'm still doing BAD on my practice questions?? Is this just me...am I that DUMB or what? Should just forget about putting so much effort in this?

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crying2:

I feel like I'm talking to myself over here....PLS can someone advice me on this low scores I've been getting on my practice tests?? PLEEAAASSSEEEE!!! :crying2: I'm testing in 3 weeks...how can I be getting this LOW of a score on each practice question bank?

Hello Leanjess,

I feel you. I am also studying for NCLEX. I have not decided on the date, but I am hoping to take it next month on the 3rd week. I have been studying for 2 weeks now. I have Kaplan for the test strategies, Hurst review for content & Lacharity. I love Lacharity. I have not seen any improvements on my test scores from the Kaplan Qbank, but I am positive that I can shape up within a month. So, hang in there! You are very dedicated.


Hello Naturelle,

Thanks for your kind words. I just started using La Charity this week, and the scores are so not encouraging! I always feel like a big failure after taking the test on various chapters! Is this ever going to change?! I test on the 3rd week of July too (16th)! The whole ordeal is just too demoralizing for me..it's like trying to lose weight, you are eating right and working out..but still no weight loss! Argghhh! I woke up today, and didn't feel like doing any studying..I was like hey! It doesn't even matter..you are not doing well on the questions (with studying)..why bother?

I'm trying to cover all the systems before the 16th..right now I'm on Neuro. I'm just praying and hoping that I pass..Bcos I don't know what I will do to myself if I failed (I can be very unstable..when emotionally traumatized :banghead:)

hey all!

log in activity for saturday, 23rd june 2012.

neuro meds (saunders) - content review

ncbsn pharm question bank 1: 70%

ncbsn self check practice questions 1: 61%

ncbsn self check practice questions 2: 50% (i'm honestly tired of all this low scores!)

lippincott alternate format (neuro): 14/17 or 82%

saunders exam mode (neuro+cardiac): 37/50 or 74%

well, guys..i don't know what else to do apart from studying my butt off every day! i'm struggling to improve my scores..i think it's because in nursing school, i'm used to getting high 80s and 90s. so with these scores, it's very depressing for me. it's like my efforts are worthless!!!!! arrghhh! #frustratedtomycore

when answering questions, i try to think my way out of them..but then i think about the various strategies and mnemonics...from there it all gets blurry and fussy in my head..can't think straight. thus, i end up reading into the questions or picking the wrong info. i've tried endless times to stop this, but it's proving so difficult for me.

i wish someone could help me with this...:crying2:

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