Good wrist-watch w/ second hand?


Hi all,

First clinical day coming up next Sunday (ahhhh), and I need to have a wrist-watch with a second hand.

Anyone have any good recommendations? I'd want it to be a little loose to accommodate hand-washing and I have a decent sized wrists for a guy, I'd say...

Thanks in advance!



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The cheapest plastic thing you can find. No cloth or leather or any material that can't handle being wiped down with disinfectant.


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Cheapest thing you can find that is waterproof and has a second hand. Something that can be cleaned, with bleach if necessary. Something that won't bother you if it gets ruined in clinical -- something you can consider basically disposable. Save the "nice" watches for outside of the hospital.

I got v. good results from a $7 (I think that's how much it was -- selected from their cheapest assortment of watches) watch from Walmart -- silver metal with a metal expansion band.


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I wore a cheap one from Walmart through nursing school. For my graduation, my husband bought me a really nice baby-G (chick version of G-shock). My watch has lasted me years, and I plan to buy the same watch when this one goes.

As for mens watches, my husband works an active job, as well, and wears a men's G-shock that he loves. I think his was around 160$, and worth the investment. But, in school, just get something to get you by for now. Who cares what it looks like.

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I wear Rolex,

but casio and Timex.....just as functional

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You can also go with a pin-on fob watch... HERE is an example. At first, it's a tad awkward to look down rather than at your wrist, but the added convenience for hand washing is a real plus.


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I personally really like and have seen a lot of other nurses wear an Apple watch. When your hands are full, let's say holding pressure or restraining a combative patient, it is nice to be able to sent a text by speaking to your watch or be able to see messages without pulling out your phone.

Definitely not for everyone though.