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marie.rn2419 is a RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. marie.rn2419

    Realizing that Nursing is Not for Me

    I think you're getting a lot of great advice from previous posters. Just throwing in my two cents - I'd change your username if you're posting your first name, last name in username and region of the hospital you work at. It just could put you in an uncomfortable situation if someone reads this from your hospital before you make your decision and communicate with management. You'd be surprised, but I've recognized people by their posts on this site even without names. I hope things work out for you! :)
  2. marie.rn2419

    We saved some guys life...

    You guys don't have a BIPAP patient on a stepdown unit on continuous pulse oximetry??
  3. marie.rn2419

    Want to go registry after baby born, when to ask manager?

    Registry is a thing out where I'm at (closer to the west coast). The hospital systems near me hire experienced nurses to their 'registry', which requires 4 shifts per month for quite a bit more money hourly (flat rate, no differentials). Back on the east coast, I knew it as per diem.
  4. marie.rn2419

    Accessing Documentation While on Break

    I wouldn't approach management on this, because you will likely find that they'll tell you that you need to better 'organize your time' and shouldn't chart off the clock. Then, if you begin to accumulate overtime to chart, they'll "coach you" on time management and ask "what barriers" are in place to you completing your duties on shift. No experienced manager will ever tell you that you can chart on your break because they are bound by the labor law. Breaks are supposed to be uninterrupted and free of work. In your situation, you've just got to find what works for you and draw the line where you're comfortable doing so.
  5. marie.rn2419

    Fire fighters, police, and first responders...

    What on earth? Did you just post that you're mad at first responders because walmart made you wait in line for an oil change? (which has nothing to do with FF, EMS or LEOs) Or is your point that you feel as though you should have been treated like a hero because you were in uniform? I can't.
  6. marie.rn2419

    WSU Nursing Spring 2018 GPA and TEAS score concerns.

    Welcome to AN! I would recommend calling the college's academic center or admissions office to ask these questions. They will have the most up to date information for you. If you find out that your TEAS score is not competitive, buckle down, study and retake it. Best of luck to you.
  7. marie.rn2419

    Sticky Sterile Gloves

    It's kinda tough to describe. But, maybe watch some youtube videos? Practice putting them on and have a nursing student friend watch you and let you know what you're doing wrong. Here: Between you and I, if it makes you feel better... I remember sterile fields/technique used to stress me out so badly in nursing school. Just take a deep breathe, remember the basics and just get through this skill and move on..
  8. marie.rn2419

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    II am so grateful for the fact that, at the busy level one trauma I work at right now, our security team is comprised of former/freshly discharged military and current/reserve police officers. I feel very lucky to know that if I call security, and I have had some nerve-wracking encounters, I get the muscle. I've worked at other hospitals, though, where the 'security' is basically a patient greeter, overweight and retired...
  9. marie.rn2419

    Don't call in sick!

    Hi there, RNOtoDay. Sounds like you're having a rough time. I'm so sorry, and I know you didn't get the response you were looking for on this thread. But, I hope you're doing better and getting the support you need! :) Keep your head up and move forward!
  10. marie.rn2419

    Embarrassing question

    Good lord. You can do whatever your heart desires in life. No judgment. But you sound young, and I just want to give you a piece of advice... (from a good place I assure you). With regards to the internet, don't post anything that you don't wish to share with all of your coworkers, family, parents, church... you get my point, right? Once it is out there... well, it's out there.
  11. marie.rn2419

    Hand Massages

    Um, no. Just no. What is wrong with our healthcare system??!!
  12. marie.rn2419

    Jahi McMath is back in the news

    This story makes me so sad...
  13. marie.rn2419

    Delnor Hospital hostage situation

    If it weren't against TOS, someone might tell you to pull your head out of your bum and stop trolling...
  14. marie.rn2419

    Demoted on 2 week notice?!

    You're leaving for a military commitment, which I am all for. Looking at it from the point of view of the facility, I will be honest and tell you that I don't blame your employer. They would be paying your preceptor and you, investing in training someone as a new nurse who is literally leaving in a few months. You may be a great employee, but it would be nearly impossible for them to rationalize the staffing costs to upper management. There is no ROI (return on investment). I remember an educator at my hospital saying that the cost to train a new grad was in the tens of thousands. Basically, by the time you are off of orientation, you'd be leaving. (Most acute care settings invest 3 months in orienting new grad nurses) If you were returning to that specific facility, I believe you would be protected in your new position while completing your military service. I'm sorry that you feel somewhat robbed, and I do not agree with the way they did it but all you can do is push forward. Good luck!
  15. marie.rn2419

    Wearing a mask in a hallway

    That's interesting, because during flu season, if you will not/are unable to get a flu shot, my big hospital system requires you to wear a mask at all times during your shift for the entirety of the season. So, what's the difference really?
  16. marie.rn2419

    New nurse picking a floor/specialty

    What are your interests? What clinical rotations did you enjoy? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? I don't know that there is a general right place to start, as everyone is different. If I were to share my opinion, receiving some cardiac/tele training would benefit you and make you more valuable in your future endeavors. Congrats on the opportunity. New grads are not often given their choice of units! :) Good luck