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  1. marie.rn2419

    Nobody Knew I was Coming? Travel Nurse continues

    You're a wonderful writer! :)
  2. marie.rn2419

    I Broke Rule # 1

    Well written. Great article, Robbi!
  3. marie.rn2419

    I Gotta See If He Is Dead!

    It sounds like a complicated situation that you guys did the best you could with!
  4. marie.rn2419

    I Gotta See If He Is Dead!

    I was thinking the same thing. Also, out of curiosity, because this situation involved a patient brought in to the ER deceased, did someone positively identify the body? If so, why was the body held there for 5 days? I can understand the family wanting to verify that this is in fact their loved one that is deceased... Not exactly a special circumstance. Sounds like your team handled this well, though. Edit: I hadn't seen OP's further statement that they were "pretty confident" that this was the right patient based on an ID being at the scene that matched the address... I'd feel uneasy officially confirming the death of "Ron Smith" because the medics picked up a dead white male in his 50s from the address of a white male in his 50s, with no further 3rd party identification. Just my opinion.