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Healthcare risk management and liability
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RiskManager specializes in Healthcare risk management and liability.

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  1. RiskManager

    Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    One thing I have always wondered about: when the transplant team is harvesting the organs, is general anesthesia being given to the donor? Or is it just oxygen and a paralytic to control the muscle spasm from surgery?
  2. RiskManager

    Assisted living aide liability insurance

    Your best bet is to look into the CNA policy sold by HPSO. Here is the list of the healthcare professions for which CNA writes liability insurance: Healthcare Professions Covered
  3. RiskManager

    Liabilty insurance?

    Your employer should provide liability insurance for the employees, and it does not hurt to ask for the details.
  4. RiskManager

    Liabilty insurance?

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/one-healthcare-risk-999441.html As noted in the above article, I generally recommend it because it is so cheap, but be aware of some significant coverage limitations. People buy it because they think that if the BON investigates them or the hospital is sued, their own insurance will provide them with a lawyer or defense, and that is generally not true. Read the article for details. Apply appropriate filters to risk management advice given by people with no training or experience in the profession.
  5. RiskManager

    Safety of nurses

    I see it every day in our facilities and clinics. Is your VA facility too small to have the VA Police? I have some friends who work at the Seattle VA hospital and the VA Police are a very visible presence there. Not too sound too much like a geezer, but I think the problem has gotten worse in recent years, compared to when I started 35 years ago.
  6. RiskManager

    Manager catch phrases

    We can't do it without YOU!
  7. RiskManager

    Chem 100

    These resources may help you. Learn Chemistry Online for Free with Our Huge Collection of Open Courses | SkilledUp Learn Chemistry - Help, Tutorials, Problems & Quizzes Chemistry | Science | Khan Academy These are the usual resources that I recommend, especially the Khan Academy courses. I have taken some just for the heck of it, and I have a BS and MS in chemistry from the early 1980's, when we rode our dinosaurs to class.
  8. RiskManager

    Malpractice insurance

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing...sk-999441.html If you decide to get your own policy, the three major writers of nursing malpractice insurance are CNA (sold by NSO), Liberty Mutual (sold by ProLiability), and MedPro (sold by affinity marketing of this site). CNA is by far the largest writer of this type of insurance.
  9. RiskManager

    AN.com's Soap Opera, "Generic Hospital"

    Don't worry, Mr. Bear. RiskManager will fix everything.
  10. RiskManager

    Nursing Malpractice Insurance

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/one-healthcare-risk-999441.html If you decide to get your own policy, the three major writers of nursing malpractice insurance are CNA (sold by NSO), Liberty Mutual (sold by ProLiability), and MedPro (sold by affinity marketing of this site). CNA is by far the largest writer of this type of insurance.
  11. RiskManager


    Proud member of the ZPac for many years now.
  12. RiskManager

    Medication Error(s) & Termination

    Can you be terminated? Absolutely. Are you likely to be terminated because of this? Probably not. RiskManager would however be paying you and your staff a visit to talk about proper medication administration and how meds should be managed. Were I in your shoes, I would be asking the clinic manager and/or administration for some assistance with training and organization. Some careful thought should be given to a root cause analysis as to why these things are happening, and what systems can you put in place to minimize the chance of them happening again. If I am working with a clinic and they continue to have problems despite adequate intervention and process redesign, that is when I get a frowny face and start looking deeper into what staff dynamics are contributing to the problem. I empathize with the reality of a busy ambulatory clinic, but we need to make time for the 5, 6, or 7 rights of medication administration to avoid these errors (pick the number of medication rights that corresponds with your era of training).
  13. RiskManager

    Who is planning to retire in a few years?

    The Good Lord willing and my 403(b) performing, I am thinking about retiring in five years, when I hit 62 and can start taking Social Security. The difference between the monthly benefit at 62 versus my full retirement age of 67 is only a few hundred dollars per month, and my 403(b) fluctuates several hundred to a few thousand dollars per day. My wife will be 65 then, and as a teacher, she gets an actual pension while most of us in healthcare do not. She can pick up substitute teaching gigs if she gets bored while I have a lot of bicycling and reading to catch up on.
  14. RiskManager

    As a Nurse can I work for a search and rescue team?

    I used to be on a local search and rescue team, I was a paramedic, and we had several other health professionals on the volunteer team: physicians, nurses, a physical therapist and some others. Probably the single most important and useful medical training one can have for search and rescue is one of the wilderness medical certifications: Wilderness Medicine Training Center - Wilderness Medicine Training Center Home to teach you care in austere conditions with only the supplies you pack in. Most of the care is basic to advanced first aid to stabilize the patient while awaiting the helicopter or while packing the patient out on a litter because the weather has shut down aeromedical evac. I am not aware of a whole lot of paid positions on SAR, other than government employees, such as the military or Forest Service rescue personnel and the county Sheriff SAR team leaders.
  15. RiskManager

    Manager catch phrases

    ^^^I was just thinking about putting covers on my TPS reports! And wearing at least 15 pieces of flair.
  16. RiskManager

    Manager catch phrases

    As a risk manager, I have the opportunity to do a lot of apologizing on behalf of the providers, staff and organization. I like to say that years of marriage have made me an expert in apologizing for things that aren't even my fault.