Good pop up and no results!!!!

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Hi guys I took my boards in CA on Friday and it's Tuesday and I still don't know! Am getting the good pop up but it's taking forever! Anyone else in CA with the same problem?

Congratulations pass )))

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Did you take NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN? There is a difference in the way the results are available. LVN are sent a pass letter about 7-10 days after the test and you are required to submit a fee to the BVNPT before you will be issued a license number. If I recall correctly, BRN will post the license a week or so after the exam. Neither board participates in quick results.

Personally I think the hurry up and wait for your license to be issued can be just as nerve wracking as preparing for the NCLEX/awaiting results! :bugeyes:

Thanks guys! @justbeachynurse I took the RN and you're right! Am dying of anxiety!

congrats on good pop up!

how was your exam? what types of questions did you have? [like how many sata/drop drop/etc]

what did you use to study?

I got 75 questions and prepared with Kaplan. It was a good resource for the exam and read all the rationales too if you use Kaplan

I didn't get that many Sata that's y am freaking out too . I did get a lot of math, sorry was at work and didn't see the rest of your post

I saw my name on the board website today! I also wanted to say PVT really works! I was freaking out but promise it works! Good luck everyone

yayyy!!!! im here in california too congrats!!!!!

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