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  1. mlak

    Adult nursing exam

    Hi everyone, I will take adult nursing exam in two weeks from now. some people told that Saunders book will help, pls i need any suggestion and recommendation in how to pass it???!!
  2. Hi everyone, I will take this exam in two weeks. I tarrifed of the exam, do you have any suggestions or recommendation?? pls help
  3. mlak

    Average KAPLAN scores and passed NCLEX

  4. mlak

    Just wanna share my nclex experience

  5. mlak

    RN-BSN graduation!!!!!

  6. Hi Do you recommend to study only the example in the study guide for Maternity and child nursing?
  7. mlak

    Finally I can say,, I'm RN

    Thank you everyone for your comments, and I'm so glad that you found my story inspiring. try to find the support from your family or friends, it is very important wish you luck everyone and great future as
  8. mlak

    Finally I can say,, I'm RN

    I have read a lot of story for people pass the NCLEX-RN and share their stories here and I promised my self when I pass I will write my story and how I pass this exam to help other nurses to beat this monster and accomplish their dream. Little about me: English is not my first language, so I take duple the time English natives speaker take. The first time I took NCLEX-RN was in Oct 28, 2011 and the exam stopped with 75q, after 2 days I fund out that I FAILED, I tried to keep my self positive and hold my tears until the second time, I spend 3 weeks to prepare for the second test and I took it in Dec 1, 2011 and I FAILED again, this time I cried like crazy, I felt so despaired specially when I see that all my and my husband dreams depend on this exam. I thought that I will give up this time, but my husband was encouraging me all the time and always telling my " you are smart and you can beat this test, just put more effort and God will see what you are doing and he will not let you down". I managed to finally control and relax my self, and to start to prepare again for third time, this time I used Kaplan more, some online resource and YouTube videos and I took the test in May 2, 2012 I came home tried the PVT and I FAILED!! At that moment I felt like I'm really so stupid and useless and each time I look at my husband eyes I felt that I failed him, I took 4 months to prepare for the third time, I spend most of the day away form my husband and my baby just to focus on studying; I was thinking after all this effort there is most be something wrong with me. I took 3 weeks break and tried to find out what will work for me, this time I used something more comprehensive, and If I didn't understand something I try to see video about it. I took my fourth attempted on Aug 21, 2012 and the time run away at 215Q, I was saying to my self this is another big failure and that's it, I will change my major, I came home and walk to my bed room I lay on the bed and covered my self with the blanket I didn't want to see any one and I just cried and cried, with all the sense of feeling like looser there was a feeling that was telling that God knows what I been through and he will not let me down, just give it a try and see PVT, my hands was shaking like jelly when I opened my laptop to try PVT and I saw the GOOD POP UP, yes, I PASSED!!! :yelclap:Thank you GOD, thank you my husband for standing besides me, thank you all who share their stories and studying tips, it really helped me a lot, and for those who going to take NCLEX, you will do it, believe in your self My tips of study: RELAX, give your self break from time to time and reward your energy I used Saunders online book + 1200 q One of the nurses posted a study guide, it helped me a lot, big THANKS to you, it really saved me. I made power point of the medications name and cut them like a card to take them any where with me. I wrote the important points for NCLEX-RN on word document and review it the day before the exam The most important, I wrote my name with RN attached to it everywhere, it feels so good. Sorry if I put too long story, but I feel so happy and I wanted to share my story with you guys. And if you want me to send you the PP or word doc. Send me your email I will be happy to help
  9. mlak

    Why the PVT Trick Works.....

    I just did PVT and I got the good pop-up (contact your member of board) .. is this mean I passed????
  10. mlak

    NCLEX in two days....prayers please...

    congrats.. I will take my exam in Aug 20.. 4 days apart.. need lots of prayer.. I'm soooo nervous God help me :bowingpur
  11. mlak

    NCLEX, 265 questions, 7/13/11

  12. mlak

    Just finished test for second time, 265 q's

  13. mlak

    Failed NCLEX-RN for the 3rd time

    Greetings every one,, Thank you for shearing your experience and knowledge, I can see that most of you recommend Hurst review For people who used Husrt review, did you use Kaplan befor?And for who gonna take the exam, I wish you the best and we gonna make it!