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I've tried Dansko but they felt way too uncomfortable for me. Bought Flexor by Ecco and I love them! They are so soft, light, flexible, and shock absorbing. Feels like you are walking barefoot. I bought mine at Walking company store.



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Hi everyone. I'm new to the nursing world, and am preparing for my first round of clinicals. I have a lot of back problems (problem since birth), so I'm in the market for a GOOD pair of shoes that will get me through those long shifts. I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on them since I know it will make all of the difference in the world, but I can't seem to find anything too comfortable. I've tried on Danskos, but they're just way too heavy for my back. I really need something light. (or maybe they do have lighter lines other than their Professionals?) I've also tried the sneaker route: New Balances, and Reeboks, but I haven't been blown away buy anything there either. Does anyone have any other suggestions of good shoes to try on? I'm getting desperate!

They have to be white, and have to have a back (ie no open back clogs), but those are my only restrictions. Thanks for your help!!

I have chronic back, feet and leg issues, and all I can wear are Birkenstocks. I have a pair of Pasadenas and a pair of Baltimores that I use for work. They are lace up with a full back. They're not heavy at all. Cost around $170 per pair, and last for YEARS. I love them!


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Ryka are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. In addition to being a nurse I'm an aerobic instructor and they work great!:)


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I bought New Balance shoes but, also, specially designed foot supports to go in them. It really helps with my back.



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hi there.

I just started wearing shoes called anywheres. they come in clogs and closed backs. they are so comfy. they have these air bubbles in them. just like walking on air. and they were only 50 bucks.


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I have sever arthritis and chronic back problems. I found Propet shoes to be the best I've ever worn (15 years as nurse) They are washable leather. I wear the slip ons for work and the walkers for exercise. Got them on QVC. They are fantastic and relatively inexpensive.


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Dr Martens shoes, last 5 years and comfortable


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have you tried Merrell shoes? eversince i've discovered them, i have lived on them. they are light weight and also comes in white. the white pairs, you can get it from the Lydia's Uniforms catalog or Tafford but if you can wear black shoes you can get them from Walking Co. or Dillards or probably a Sports store.

Or you can also try Nike Shox, i have friends who loves them. i may try them when i wear my Merrell out.

hope this will help..


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I tried Dansko and they were too heavy, not a good fit. Try Klogs, they are awesome, my feet never hurt. They cost about 45$ and you can replace the inner sole when it wears out.


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New Balance are the only shoes for me. Plus they make wide shoes which I need (size EEEEE).

I wear New Balance also, as they actually come WIDE enough for my short, wide foot! They are the only brand I have been able to take out of the box and wear immediately x 12 hour shift, without "breaking them in" like in the olden days of Clinics, Nursemates, etc.



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i can not walk in clogs personally.......I twist my ankles and are hard as a rock. :uhoh3:

I recently have found free spirit walkers the best for my feet. Unfortunatly the style I found is being discontinued. Bought 2 pair at 70.00 a piece. :o

The best ones I ever had were dream step by nurse mates. Unfortunatly they discontinued them about 10 years ago.:crying2:


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I'm going to try to find them in the US. Thanks for the information. LydiaGreen. I'll try a google search first.

I don't know the brand of sock you are discussing, but from the description, they sound just like Wright Socks, which are double layer and made for runners. Several of my running buddies refer to them as the "socks to die for". They are widely available at running stores. If not, they are easy to order from Road Runner Sports online (

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