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how good is nclex 3000 website



i m taking nclex pn in 4 days ,is this is good website to practice, i mean is it worth it, i heard that exam cram is a great book to study for nclex, i was wondering if i should focus more on this website or exam cram or both are good...??? i dont have that much time left now for nclex so i want to focus on something that is a good source and have something like nclex ..so i wd know what kind of questions they gona ask me there,as the time is coming i m getting more nervous..:uhoh3:...

I absolutely loved it, well actually I had the CD but I thought it was a very accurate NCLEX simulation...although I studied it over a period of a couple of years...not 4 days.

If you have not learned it in the past several months then you're most likely not going to learn it in 4 days. Seriously, make sure you relax and calm down before the test. Personally I did 0 studying the 4 weeks from graduation till the NCLEX, just relaxed and went off of instinct.

Instinct is 99% of the NCLEX.

Ya, I agree with the post above. 4 days wont do you any good so it's best to just relax. I've been using nclex 3000 cd for about 15 days now and I love it. I am going to test by next month. I also completed exam cram cd as well. Both are good sources.

Good resource but not enough. Should also use another resource.