Good Luck to everyone starting classes today!!!


Just wanted to say good luck to all who will begin their classes today. I also start mine and am very nervous. I can understand how a child feels on their first day back to school.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great first day!!!


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Good Luck and have a great day all ! :nurse:


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Good Luck Everyone!!!!.....remember.....inhale....exhale....inhale...exhale....:D You can do it!!!!...I have faith in you all.




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all the best to each of you starting today! let us know how it goes.


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Good Luck to everyone!!!Have a wonderfull day.



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Good Luck Today! And of course the rest of the year as well:D


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Good luck! Come tell us about it afterwards if you'd like. Have a great day!


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Good luck everyone! I started mine today too. I had Patho. She is really nice. However, school policy says we have a test Monday, a review of AP1 and AP2, to see what we have learned. It counts as a grade, but if we do badly we will have a second chance at the end of the semester.


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I just got back from school and it wasn't so bad! I have alot of work to do, but it seems like I will have a wonderful support system and lots of people who want to help! We can do this!!!:D :D :D :D


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Yeah Ann!!

We are so glad to hear from you. Hope the rest of the semester goes so well!

Good luck to all of you. I still have one more week. Still waiting for my book check.


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Im only starting my pre-reqs today, I would be more excited if it were nursing school. But at least its a start right?


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well I am home from my first day. It wasn't too bad. I had my Intro to Nursing and Health Assessment classes and the lab for health assessment. The Intro to Nursing course should be no problem, we only have two tests. The health assessment class will be harder, but the instructor seems good and fair. Quite a few qiuzes and a midterm and final, plus the assessment final. I have my A&P tomorrow night.

What I enjoyed was the variety of people in the classes. Mostly ages 30 - 40s.

I hope everyone had a great day. Keep us posted.

Dez, don't worry you will begin the nursing courses before you know it.

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