Going back to school for a nursing degree. Good idea?

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I have recently graduated with a non-science bachelors degree. My GPA was not all that hot (2.9) so that concerns me a bit.

But basically I am wondering what my chances are at any of these 12-18 month accelerated BSN programs? I figure there are about a million schools that offer them, so one has to accept me right?

Any advice since this is all very new to me, would be GREATLY appreciated.


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It all depends on your situation. If you have a job, keep it, and be glad. Lots of people on these forums have graduated with bachelors degrees in nursing and can't get jobs after a year of trying. The nursing shortage is an urban legend. This is not a recession-proof profession, and it certianly is not an easy one. You should hang around allnurses, and read a lot of posts. Nursing is quite terribly difficult. Some days it is impossible.

If you feel called to a life of servitude to others while taking abuse from all sides, and just the love you give makes it worth it all to you, then you might be a nurse.

Ted D

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As of right now, I do have a job. That's interesting about the shortage being an urban legend, does it really come down to your GPA in nursing school and during your BSN?

I'm really just wondering if I would stand any chance in getting into an accelerated program with my GPA, before I jump through the hoops of taking all the pre-reqs.


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I have recently graduated with a non-science bachelors degree. My GPA was not all that hot (2.9) so that concerns me a bit.

But basically I am wondering what my chances are at any of these 12-18 month accelerated BSN programs? I figure there are about a million schools that offer them, so one has to accept me right?

Any advice since this is all very new to me, would be GREATLY appreciated.

Everyone's situation is different - I graduated from college with a BS, (non-nursing), and decided to go back to school for an ADN. Once I have the ADN and pass the NCLEX and am an RN, I will continue with working on getting an MSN while I work as a nurse - there are colleges and universities that have RN to MSN "bridge" programs for people like us who already have BS degrees.


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Welcome to allnurses! :balloons:

You could contact some of the nursing programs around you offering accelerated degrees and ask them ...

There is so much demand for admission into nursing programs right now that most programs are extremely competitive. Schools have many, many more applicants than they can admit, they have to have some objective, quantitative system to select applicants, and GPA figures heavily in that system in most schools. Look around this site -- check how many threads are would-be students venting about how you have to have a 4.0 GPA to even be considered for nursing programs in their area ... And, as far as I am aware, most of the accelerated programs are even more selective and competitive than "regular" nursing programs, because the programs are extremely rigorous and demanding academically (same content as "regular" nursing programs, but crammed into a significantly shorter amount of time).

It is true, as arelle68 noted, that plenty of new grads around the country can't find jobs, after they've graduated with big student loan burdens. Plenty of threads here about that, also. Hospitals are affected by the economy and cutting back on hiring (some are even laying off nurses); many experienced RNs who were not working before, by choice, have come back into the job market because a spouse has lost a job, etc.; as it stands now, hospitals can afford to pick and choose in their hiring and new grads cost facilities a lot to hire and orient, so facilities would much rather hire an experienced nurse. In many areas, even experienced RNs are having trouble finding jobs these days.

Unfortunately, this is not a particularly good time to be looking at going into nursing ...


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So what do you tell prospective nursing students? It's not worth it?


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Basically what I did is get hired on at a large metropolitan hospital in the security dept. I did not initially do this with the intent of becoming a nurse someday. I did have a chance to see how a hospital works, what nurses actually do, and gradually I decided that I would give it a try. I am in a program where I'm getting an ADN through local community colleges, and my employer is footing the bill in exchange for a work committment of three years minimum. I don't honestly know if I would want to get into this if I had to pay up front totally on my own - as others have noted, the payoff is not guaranteed. I won't go as far as to say the nursing shortage is urban legend, but it is actually more of a forecast than today's reality. In some areas of the country I think there is a shortage, and in some types of nursing. The dramatic widespread shortage you keep hearing about is basically a long-range forecast based on demographic trends we see today.

Right now I'm waiting to hear back on some potential CNA training that I might be able to tap in on while I'm waiting to get in to nursing school (the community college system where I am has a big wait list - shortage of nursing instructors - that's where the real shortage is)

Hang around allnurses.com - it's a great website - I've gotten lots of help, read a lot of wonderful stories, and have gotten lots of good advice... best wishes to you in your quest to become a nurse

honestly? i think your chances of getting into a accelerated program are slim......with your gpa. have you taken the prereqs? I know of no accelerated program that doesn't make you have your chemistry, biology,micro, A&p 1&2 ect......done. And the good news is that for the accelerated program i am in they only factored a few courses from my first degree and then the rest were all nursing pre-reqs.... Good luck


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Hey Ted,

I agree this can be a good outlet for information. But I must say you need to follow your gut. There seems to be a lot of negativity in responses to your question. If this is what you want to do GO FOR IT!! Remember there are no guarantees in life. What I do know is that you need to do what makes you happy. I myself quit a good paying secure job of twelve plus years to go back to school. And I'm glad to tell you I'm one semester away from getting my RN degree. If you have the right support system ( family, friends ) you can accomplish anything. Don't let the bad economy or unknown job prospects prevent you from reaching your goals. Just so you know if I can do it you can too. I'm 45 yrs old with two daughters below the age of four so what does that tell ya? So good luck and don't let the Debbie Downers get you down.:wink2:


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I don't think that the replys were all that negative DAN117. I think some people just picked up on what was not said in ted's OP, which is the desire to become a nurse to help people . I might be out of line here, but isnt that why anyone of us went into this in the first place. We had or have( for those who are wanting to become a nurse) a want /desire to help the sick. It wasn't gee the job market is bad for my particular field ....I think i will try nursing , they make good money..Not to be on a soapbox or anything it just peeves me to no end that someone would go into nursing for other reasons than a desire to make people better...Sorry for the rant guys...just a pet peeve of mine...to all the great caring nurses .....thank you...


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I know it stinks to start on pre-reqs without knowing whether you'll get in to a program or not, but, that may be the best way to improve your chances. Accelerated programs with pre-reqs tend to look at the grades from those courses more heavily than the grades from your previous degree (not to say that doesn't matter at all, though). If it's possible to plug away at some of those classes while still working at your current job, you might want to go ahead and get started. As far as the job market, who knows what the economy will do by the time you're ready to start job hunting? Good luck in whatever you decide!


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I was not trying to be negative, merely realistic. There are an awful lot of people "out there" who want to go into nursing these days because they've been hearing all the "nursing shortage" hoopla in the press and how nursing is a "recession-proof" career, and they are not aware of the reality of the situation. I was not making any sort of judgment based on my perception of the OP's motivation for entering nursing, just commenting on the current situation re: getting into nursing school (esp. with a lower GPA) and job prospects upon graduation.

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