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can any one please advise on global scholarship alliance programme?

Is there any strings attached etc

its a little vague?


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There are threads on the Philippine area, it seems to be a scam where they sell you phone number.

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Much has already been written on them, just do a search. They actually do exist. But you are here under a student visa or an exchange visa and have to leave the US at the end of your degree per the requirements of their program. You will not be able to adjust to remain in the US.


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If GSA is legit, then in order to come to the US to study, you need an F1 (student) visa. Before graduating or completing your program, you can apply for OPT well in advance, this is discussed with your international advisor at your university. Theres a time limit to apply for OPT and if you miss the deadline, then you're out of luck cos you missed your opportunity. OPT allows someone to find employment in their field of study e.g. studied nursing, employment only as a nurse. OPT is only good for 12 months and can extend for additional 17 months for a total of 29 months (extensions are only benefited by science, engineering, and math US degrees and if the employer takes part in e-verify). So in other words, I dont think a nurse would be eligible for renewel of an OPT after the 12 months is up.

GSA states: "Participants are also eligible for multi-year employment opportunities with university-affiliated hospitals", on their website. To remain in US after OPT, an F1 student can adjust to H1B visa by applying via an employer that is exempt from the H1B cap (e.g institution of higher learning, non-profit organisation, government research facilities etc.) GSA seems to imply that they can do this. But it seems too good to be true, so Alexk49 may be right, it could be a scam.

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Trouble is these university hospitals have hiring freezes and the Universities are also in hard financial times.


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thanks for your comments

they are talking about sending us on j1 visa so that husband can work too.

i'm little bit weary, on the other hand if its true its a great opportunity.

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The problem is not the training, that's fine. It's being able to find a way to stay after your training/OPT is done. There isn't a way right now. H1Bs are for specialist professionals, and after just finishing school, you are not a specialist.

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Not all J-1 visas permit the spouse to work here as a start. And the other more important issue is that with the J-1, you are going to have to leave the US for a minimum of two years once you complete the program.

The entire premise of their program is that one would come here for the training and then return home and teach for at least two years. If one is planning to come here and remain, then this type of program is not going to work at all.

Not sure if they told you about this little caveat with how things are done. J-1 means exchange visa.


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i see what you mean. its all very complicated.obviously dont want to drag children and husband to US only to find in 2 years we have to leave.

they dont make any of this very clear. i was even concerned that they were authentic as although i've gotten to speak to people they are very vague with their questions and answers.

obviously the big attraction is that currently no green cards so its difficult to get to US otherwise.

i would really love to do my MSN and get some nursing experience in states which is what attracted me to the programme but you've raised the concern about having to come back.

when i mentioned this to the agent she said there is waiver for J1 and we shouldnt be concerned its 2-3 yrs down the line?

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But the wait for a GC is going to be longer than 3 years. Sounds like a good program, but I would ask them names of Programs and what positions are available. I would not count working, the economy is bad in the USA. You may get a part time job since you are in the program but your husband be may not to work. Can you support your family on part time work? Or do you have the funds to support your family while here. It sounds like a great exchange program and it would be great for the family.

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Some J visas do have a waiver but with retrogression you will still be affected as demand is much higher than supply. It also goes on where you was born.

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Have not seen any thru this program have an actual waiver. The entire premise of the program is again that one returns home to teach and share what they have learned for at least two years. So granting of a waiver, when this is why the program was started would just make things a mess.

And if things are so cut and dry with them, then all of this should be on their website and not you having to obtain the information from them.

No school issues the J-1 visa, this is also done by the US government.

Next question for you is do you already hold the RN license from the US, or you still need to do that as well?

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