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I would like to introduce to all of you the new " LPN" nursein'training:yeah:. I DID IT! I am a Nurse. :nmbrn:Thank you guys for all the support that all you gave me:heartbeat . Now I can :tbsk: relax and look for a job. I found out this morning at work. My best friend called and gave me the news. I took my exam on Saturday with a 185 questions and walked out a NURSE . I am on cloud 9 right now. Thank God :bowingpur. I AM A NURSE. Now I got to get a J-O-B. LOL. YOU guys who are about to take the NCLEX next my advance is Pray before, during and after. Plus you have already shown that you can be a nurse by passing the class take what you learn and apply it, do aleast 100 questions a day and focus on weak areas and read on your strong areas. See you guys later and relax and let God.

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Congratulations and good luck to the future

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I have to agree PRAISE GOD... I was accepted into the local LVN online program in my area. There where over 300 or something and only 12 got in!!!! I work at a pedi office with a LVN (20+ years) told me that I should take the test and apply (2 weeks before the exam) and that if I made would GOD's grace. And I did! Every time I tell some one they say its a GOD thing. So trust me...I prayed and praised him for the blessing and will be praying for help on my NCLEX exam!


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santahat.gif congradulations and best wishes in your new career.


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