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I have been so busy today. I went to the college and bought the rest of my books, got a few supplies that I needed pen light, etc., talked with financial aid and got my student ID card. Boy does it feel official now. Walking around the campus, I felt good about going to school.

I also order online a Littmann Classic II S.E. stethoscope. Should arrive in 3-5 days. I didn't like the ones they had in the bookstore and they had the Littmann Classic II for $83.00. I ordered it online for 57.99. Even with shipping it didn't come to 83.00.

I organized my desk, cleaned it up a bit. Threw alot of paper away, got all my books out and folders ready. Now I have to begin reading to get a jump on everything.

I also found out today that a received an "A" in my sociology course that I took over the summer.

So I'm feeling pretty good right now. Less than a week away to begin. I hope I feel this good next week.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!


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omg debi, you are so organized !!! i hope i didn't pay too much for my littman cardiology iii steth.. you got a really good deal there.

i have about 2 weeks to get a pair of shoes and that's all i

did you get shoes??? ;)


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Hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get that Classic II SE?


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No I didn't get any shoes yet. Hadn't thought about that.

I order the stethoscope from Someone I talked to said they have the best deal and after seeing the price in the bookstore, I went for it. I can't wait for it to get here. I am getting so excited.


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good for you debi. i still need to purchase some shoes.


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I got the II SE at the school bookstore yesterday...I think I paid 78. Should have gotten it elsewhere, but convenience won out!


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Cool, I just ordered 2 (yes, two, my wife and I are both going to school) classic II se stethoscopes from reddingmedical. They were about as cheap as allheart.

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And here I am with my little ol' Prestige Medical... :)

I went and finished up bying my books and such today too...

Bought a new bookbag too. I only have 2 classes that I have to go to on campus, the other 2 are Internet courses. But I'm all ready to go!

Can't wait for school to start....getting too lazy here! :)


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You just graduated and passed boards right? Are you immediately going onto BSN?

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I've not taken my LPN boards in a couple of weeks though.

I'm finishing up my gen ed courses that I need for my ASN this fall...then in spring, I may or may not take a refresher course in algebra, and then in June of 2003, I'm praying I get accepted into the ASN program at my school.

That's me....pretty much in a nutshell.... :)


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I just wanted to mention that also has some good prices. I ordered my cardio 3 (and had it engraved) for a better price than many other places. Thought I would pass that on! Good Luck with school everybody!;)


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Good for you Debi,, you will get a good start on the semester with the organization.

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