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Getting Nervous....

Hey Everyone!

Now that May is here, I'm getting increasingly nervous about not getting accepted into my ADN program. We won't find out until the end of this month...and I can barely stand it!!!

I'm so worried that I won't be accepted...they base admission on a pre-nursing test (PSB-RN), your cumulative GPA and your pre-requisites. I have no clue how I did on the PSB test, and my cumulative GPA sucks! I now have a 2.83 because I screwed off after high school. I was pi$$ed because my dad made me go to Jr. college when all my friends got to go away and basically only did well enough to transfer my grades to a 4 year college. Needless to say, when I came back to school, my stupidity turned around to bite me in the a$$ after all!:( I'm now getting all A's and brought my GPA up from a 2.58. I really don't want to wait another full year before I get in! We unfortunately don't have Spring Admission for the Nursing program. I'm not too worried about my pre-req's...I've gotten A's in most of them...

Ugh!...I just hope they recognize that my first grades were from almost 10 years ago and that I'm now committed to school and really do want to change my career and that I am focused on school. My husband keeps telling me not to worry...and that I'm smart and I'll get in no problem... I keep on trying to tell him that I while I may be intelligent, I haven't really given the admissions committee very little evidence of that fact based on my grades!

Sigh...I guess I really have no choice but to wait...and hope...

Thanks for listening...er...reading! :D



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Hey Bean,

First, BREATHE!!

I would hope that the people who review your record would not just look at the cummulative GPA. I would think that they could easily look at your transcripts and see the POSITIVE changes you have made academically.

((Sending positive thoughts your way!!!!))

Why is it that our hubbies always say, "don't worry". Mine is the same way. It makes me crazy sometimes

:devil: !!!!

Anyway, hang in there.


The school I go to a community college told me they look at what you did in the prereq's not high school or any other college unless they are counting it as part of your prereq's. Go to the nursing office and ask them I graduated from high school 25 years ago so they said they won't even consider this... I did attend RT school and had those transcripts sent and they did say that gave me an edge even though that was 16 yrs ago and I only worked a short time in that field (had a sick child) Go talk to someone and get some answers it will also give them a face with the name on the paper and that doesn't hurt either


That sucks that they don't have spring admission. I'm getting nervous, too. I won't find out until later on this month. At least I could look forward to applying to the spring if I don't get in. This program only accepts 20 people and I know that there are at least 100+ applying. This program weighs heavily on GPA and the school entrance test, these two are 100 points out of a possible 144, the rest are for pre-reqs and healthcare experience. What I hate about waiting the most is that I don't know what class I should enroll in for summer school. If I get in I want to take the minimum required classes for this associate's program that I need done right away and if I don't get in I want to start doing the pre-reqs for my bachelor's until I can apply next semester. While I'm here waiting, all the summer classes are filling up.

Good luck to you, hope they can look past your bad grades from the past.

Good Luck Bean, hope you get in !:)


Do anything you can to keep your mind occupied.... don't check the mail, make it someone elses job until you hear one way or the other. Use this time to re-decorate or paint somthing... lol it helped me. I know!.., create your study space for when you get into the adn program, you'll need the area, a filing cabinet, bookshelves, etc..... that way when the time comes, you have a space for you to study where no one will bother you, and where you won't bother others.

Research what books you will be needing for school... find out prices etc......

Research what steth you will buy...i did that every day for a week online...

Research palm pilots, will you be geting one to help you in hospital? Research nursing shoes! Shop!

Prepare for nursing math....(great prep books out there...try "Math for Nurses" by Mary Jo Boyer) Then when you start the program, it won't look foreign to you!

Sorry to be so long-winded....

do everything you can to keep your mind off the letter in the mail, but prepare for a positive outcome, cause either way... you will eventually be in that adn program...

take care, email any time...... bevi


Thanks everyone! Great advice Bevi!!!! :D



Does your school not allow you to go in and talk with and admissions couselor and review your situation?

Mine did for vet school (another life and another story) and I got in. I couldn't stay 'cause I was too allergic. But I don't think that would happen to you in nursing school. ;)


Best wishes to you! I hope you get in! How steep is the competition for admittance? I have to tell you the best advice I ever got when I was going through the whole "waiting" thing was to have a backup plan. (just in case) This way, no matter what, you are in a Win Win situation. Either way, you will have somewhere to go and be able to continue in the pursuit of your dream. I think it takes the pressure off a little knowing no matter what, you will be going somewhere, even if it is not your first choice.

Best wishes,


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