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Getting to the gym?????????


I'm working full time, have 2 small children and a husband who is very supportive, but can't do everything himself, and am currently taking A&P 1 and will be adding a Psych class to that next month.

So how am I supposed to fit some gym time in? So far I've just let it slide, but I'm not a very happy or healthy person without at least a few hours a week at the gym. I feel like my classes may be suffering because I can't concentrate as well when I'm not working out.

I'm spending every, single free second studying (including time I'm supposed to be working - shhh). Has anyone found a way to combine working out with study? There's just not enough hours in the day for all of this!


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I often read books while on a recumbent bike. Not an optimal workout, or studying environment, but something to consider.

Medic2BSN13, BSN, RN

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A lot of people hate it, but pick up running or high intensity interval training (HIIT). It's the best way to burn a lot of energy with a tight schedule. That's what I did through school and also signed up for a half marathon. The half marathon was only to keep me on schedule and consistently active. It was challenging and tough at times, but there is always time during the day to exercise. Some people just don't want to find the time in their schedule to use for physical activity.

I wake up at 0430 to work out before work, and before life gets in the way. It's not pleasant but it works best for me.


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What kind of exercise do you do? Is it mostly cardio, or weightlifting instead? If it's cardio, why not see if there's an early morning cardio class like spinning going on? Gyms usually have them starting around 6am and you could get one in before your kids have to get up for school, I would think.

I love the gym, but working full time and taking science pre-reqs really cuts into working out. So on nights that I work and have class I just invest all my time doing stuff around the house and focusing on studying. On days where I don't have work I get my work outs in, and of course continue to study even more. Thats the only thing that works for me, otherwise I would be cutting myself short on my grades.

Yep, since starting school I have gained 10 pounds. I have neglected exercise like the plague, specifically because of school (I study all the time) and I get busy with my kids and husband. I went to my physical last week, and while my blood tests (glucose, cholesterol, etc) came back fine, my physician made it a point to show that my weight has increased since my last physical.

I decided last week that I had enough and I started working out. I am taking a 5:00 a.m. class and it is tough, BUT I have the entire day in front of me if I work out that early. I get home my 6:15 a.m. and get the kids up for school.

Maybe try a super early morning workout? We have to stay strong physically. Nursing is tough work. Good luck!

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I run around my neighborhood. That way I don't have a gym to go to and I still get a workout in. It's worked for me for the past year.

What I do is record myself or my professor saying the material, then I take the recorder to the gym, plug in some headphones and listen to my material as I'm working out. It kills two birds with one stone and you retain things easier if you study while your body is in motion.

These are all good ideas. I used to run, but I've injured my back, so I'm having to back off of that (which, as any runner will tell you, is NOT easy to do!!). But I found a flashcard app that will do a "slideshow" with sound, so I think I might be able to do some low-impact cardio machine while I listen to that. I didn't know you retained info better while you're in motion! Yay!

it's worth it to me to spend a little more money and rent the kindle versions of my books.....I read while on the treadmill or elliptical...if you have lectures to listen to you could do it while you work out......I do it first thing after I drop the kids at school...if I put it off I get busy and don't do it....it's so easy to put it off until later....but I can't or else I never get it done.

I agree I have more energy and focus better if I work out....but there are only so many hours in the day and so many things to get done so it's easy for working out to take the back seat

I like to do home workouts as my "study breaks." Sometimes if I leave the house then I seem to have a harder time coming back to studying, so this works great for me!

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I am index card notes person-when I was taking A&P I lived on an elliptical. ...me and my giant stack of notecards....perfect study chunks.

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Life is not easy. Get some kettlebells and workout at home. When I was doing my ABSN you simply cannot be working out as much. I was taking 21 hours a semester and studying. You pick and choose. I had a heavy bag and kettlebells and did the best I could. Lots of burpees and squat thrusts. good luck

If you take one hour out of one day to go to the gym you will be better for it. I used to go 4 or 5 times a week for 2 or 3 hours a day but I just can't, mostly because classes take up time. But I DO have Monday and Tuesday off, so I go those days and Saturday. I have kids too but I find even if I have go for a walk (BY MYSELF!), it clears the fuzzy stuff out of my head.

I like the gym, I love lifting, but it is more of a time commitment by the time you get dressed, go there, shower, change, and move on with your day.

If I'm on a time crunch, running is better. I just need to lace up my sneakers and go. And if I only have 20 mins I can still get a good burn in by just pushing harder.

Or if you're really in a time crunch, do some YouTube workout or at home HIIT in your underwear haha. Check out zuzka light or blogilates on YouTube. I've heard good things about fitness blender as well but can't remember if it's paid.