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hello everyone,

to begin with, I had a fall incident the last time I work in the hospital. We called rapid response and sent him for xray and ct head. The results were negative. We started monitoring his neuro check. After the Labor Day, the nurse manager left a voicemail and said she wants to see me in her office. I replied to her call and she wants to set a meeting tomorrow before I start my shift. My shift starts at 3pm and she wants to set a meeting before 1230 before I start my shift. I felt alarmed about this. Why she wants to set a meeting that early when I start my shift at 3pm if there is nothing wrong.Does it mean that I would be fired? I feel so scared and thought of not showing up if that would happen. It would be very upsetting. I got a headache and very anxious what's gonna happen. I've never been fired before. I am a new nurse 6 months in that hospital and just learning the work routine. What are the warning signs or the process if you get fired?

very confused.


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Take a deep breath. The worst thing you could do is not show up. I can't tell you whether you are getting fired or not. Has there been other issues bedsides the patient fall? It seems a little harsh to be fired for just that. In any case, go to the meeting, take deep breaths and be very professional, no matter what the outcome. Listen to what your told and think before formulating an answer.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.


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I seriously doubt you would get fired for a single fall without injury. Perhaps she is calling you in to speak about fall prevention?

In my hospital we have a fall score, certain numbers have certain interventions to do to try and prevent falls. Was the bed alarm on? Was there a fall mat in place? Was there a fall risk indicator outside the room? Did they have the high fall risk socks on? etc etc. We also have a post-fall assessment thing to fill out.

Try not to worry.

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Please let us know how this goes. (Hugs)

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if you are in a union hospital, contact them IMMEDIATELY, they will provide a rep to go with you to this meeting.

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Most likely a verbal counseling is scheduled.

Did the patient pass out? Why was the rapid response called?


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The early meeting is simply because your manager doesn't understand anymore how it is working the floor. They want to meet with you probably to discuss how the fall happened and what interventions were I'm place at the time to prevent the fall. Your manager may even go over ways to help prevent falls in the future.


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Hi all thank you for your reassurance. I had a talk with nm and the assistant and they went all evaluation with how I wasdoing since since I started working for them. The NM said that there were few safety issues that they need to addressed. They understand that I dont have a lot acute care experience, they will offer me some refresher course. The worst thing I would hear from them is to let me go but sounds they gave me a chance . They still put me on schedule to work today. I am still sitting in my car


heartbroken waiting for my shift. I would feel embarassed to face my colleagues because they were the ones who wrote me up. I'm thinking and

planning to submit my resignation shortly. Sounds like they will let me go if I have another issues with my work. Did I make a right decision?

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I would not resign. Sounds to me like you have some knowledge deficits and they want to help you overcome them.

If you leave, you will may not get that chance and will continue to flounder. Acknowledging that there are areas to improve in is part of being a professional.


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I'm afraid that they will fire me the next time I would have any issues with my performance. I would be humiliated. I would rather quit than get fired. I have never been fired before.

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Did they say you would be fired next time? I know this is a blow to you ego, but it sounds like they want to help you.


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They did not say they would get rid of me. Before I worked for them, I heard they have fired few staffs when they had the former NM.