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    Problem physician

    I still work there because I love my job. He is a small aspect of what I have to deal with, in fact the only problem really. I am well liked and enjoy having my own department. If every one keeps looking the other way or quits nothing will change. I have pretty much just ignored his megalomania up to now. However, he crossed the line when he purposely lied to my manager and director. I value my integrity and I'm not one to be pushed around. It's time someone stood up to him. I really appreciate all the advice that I have received. It's been very helpful and I'm going to think it over for a little while longer. Sent from my iPad using allnurses

    Problem physician

    Good point. Thanks

    Problem physician

    While I agree, there is one more detail..... He is not welcome at another facility for the same issues....he has a record. Nobody at this facility has ever stood up to him and I have been encouraged by his own partners to report him......

    Problem physician

    I can't seem to edit to put paragraphs in.....hmm

    Problem physician

    Sorry don't know how this got posted here but would admin please move this to general???

    Problem physician

    Sorry this is long but I need some advice on how to handle a situation that is really bothering me. I have been working in a hospital for the past 1 1/2 years. Unlike other hospitals where I have worked, this hospital dotes on physicians and does not promote the team mentality from which I am accustomed. This has been an adjustment but an easy work around except for one particular physician. This physician has worked at this facility a long time and is part of a group that rotates through sister hospitals. I will refer to this physician as Dr. Z. He is the medical director at my location but is not the overall director of his department. I will refer to the overall medical director as Dr. X. Dr. Z has a reputation of being difficult to work with. The nurses fear him, he is intimidating. Has no interpersonal skills. He never discusses issues with a staff member, he always runs to the manager and director and tattles on people without getting the facts. I consider my work environment at this point hostile. Nursing leadership is aware of the situation but he is supposedly well liked in administration. His partners openly talk about him being difficult and are also aware of how he treats the staff. They say he has been talked to numerous times. The attitude is we can't control him. I could go on and on. Recently there was a situation in which he made some negative comments to a patient about me and my service. He was blaming me for providing the patient with information he did not think I should share. The patient corrected him and told him that it was in fact it was his partner and boss Dr X that gave her the information. The reason I know this is because the patient complained the next day to another nurse about Dr Z about this and other problems. I asked that nurse to put it in writing and send it to my director and myself. This was done and my director and manager were aware of the situation. I was also made aware of him complaining and talking negatively about this to another staff nurse. She also was asked and did put it in writing. The NNP also told me that she had corrected him and told him that they had given the patient the information and not me. The final straw was that he went to my director after being told by the patient and the NNP that I was not involved that I had in fact had done this. He knowingly lied and misrepresented the facts to my employer. In fact he told my director that the patient told him that I did it. Which is a complete lie. My director corrected him and told him he was wrong but here is my concern..... He lied to my director and tried to get me in trouble. I have a big problem with that. What if my director leaves and he is able to snow a new director and make up stories. I want to file a grievance with his physicians group but am unsure how to do this or if this is even the right thing...any suggestions?

    Cheating putting patients at Risk

    Even though this is an article out of Australia, I'm sure it's happening in the U.S. As well.

    Cheating putting patients at Risk

    Check out this article. http://www.watoday.com.au/national/education/nursing-students-putting-patients-at-risk-through-cheating-20150612-ghl90k.html

    Liking members at AN

    Me too!

    Convicted of murder as a teen and now a nurse

    If the name and information is correct and it seems that way to me. This person has a license in a state that is pretty strict about criminal history. I've know nurses who committed petty crimes in their youths that found it to get licensure from the state in which this person is allegedly licensed.

    Crusty Old Bat Society

    Welcome to the club😜
  12. Jihad...
  13. Thank you everyone!! Fortunately this neo has not been on this week so I got a reprieve. But I'm going to have to deal with him next week. Administration loves him so I have to do a political dance while I work on all of this. Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted. I'm getting more LC help next month.
  14. Thank you!!! I really appreciate your help.
  15. I agree with you but these are term, otherwise healthy babies. NICU is a totally different arena. Thanks for helping me.
  16. Right now it's only me. The other IBCLC just went PRN. Yes. It's an uphill battle but I don't give up easily though 😉