Yikes! Another bad observation at an LTC facility - page 10

YIKES!!!!! That's about the only word I can express about this one. Got off a weekend night shift (through my agency) at a nursing home I have never been to previously. I prefer to stick to... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    Quote from Catsrule16

    Ever think of sending your night from heck to the Medicare Fraud Unit? It's a shame facilities like that get our hard earned dollars when they don't provide the care.
    Actually, medicare itself will only pay for a short time in a nursing home - if the poor guy had no money, medicaid might be paying part of the bill.
  2. by   AngelNurse25
    Kudos to you for reporting that facility, doc's right, it should be shut down and then some.
    Good thing you worked that night!!:spin: