Question about making dr apts for residents

  1. Hello!!

    I have a question for LTC nurses. Ok, lets say a new admit comes in on second shift. On the transfer paper is says for the patiend is to follow up with Dr whoever. Now you are unable to do this at this time, because its late in the day and you need to let the nurses on the following days to know this. Right now what we basically do is write down on a piece of paper the info and tape it to the Nursing desk. So if the nurse is sitting at the desk its right infront of her. And this way all shifts see it. Anyways. management top priority is tape on the desk and says that is not allowed, and will take down note, and they get lost, apts don't get made, etc. And of course management does not listen, all they care about is the tape on the desk. What are other systems for doing this? Our unit manager has had some ideas, but knocks down ideas that will cost anything "not in the budget" .

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  3. by   travel50
    I'll explain how we do it at our nursing home. 2nd shift nurse gets admit with an order for an MD follow up appt. She can either copy the orders, highlighting that point, or more commonly grab any scrap of paper and jot a note about the appt. She then tapes said note to my door (I am the DON), or she can just shove the note under my door. Or on occasion they will tape the note up at the nurses' desk. I have no qualms about tape. Either way, I get the note. Then either I will make the appt or else my ADON will do so. I think technically the social worker is supposed to, but we think she has a touch of alzheimers, so we do it. (And we seriously think she does have it. She is close to retiring, so we are letting her stay until then.) Anyway, this works for us.
  4. by   NotFlo
    Wow. I'm would hate to work like that.

    My unit has a unit secretary. She makes all the appointments. When a new admit comes in with follow ups, the orders are transcribed into her book. Then she comes in in the AM and makes appts. and sets up appropriate transportation.

    If we didn't have a secretary I think I'd have to dedicate a clipboard or something to stuff like that and make sure everyone knows about it so things don't get missed.
  5. by   travel50
    What I would not give for a unit secretary!!! But since I don't, our way works for us. I actually tried the clipboard idea. They forgot to put stuff on it, or the clipboard would come up missing. They like things the way they've always done it, and I guess I just humor them when I can.
  6. by   NotFlo
    Seriously, having a secretary is a wonderful thing! My facility actually has two. They are CNAs who get promoted to the job. They actually are unit secretary/restorative aide. They have a list of people to do ROM/ambulation etc. on as well as their secretarial duties. They can also be pulled to the floor as a CNA if we're really short, and they usually help feed and pass trays and stuff when they can. It works out really, really well and it's great to have a position to promote the really good CNAs to.

    There's one on each of the rehab units, and they each cover one long-term unit as well (much slower for the secretarial stuff on the long-term floors, so they usually go down once a day and check their books to see if there's anything they need to do).

    They make all the appts. and schedule all the transport, schedule all the labs and do all the lab slips, sced. all the mobile x-rays, do all the filing, etc. I love my unit secretary!
  7. by   jnrsmommy
    We do write the follow up appt as an order "Schedule f/u w/ Dr. X" then write it down in the Nurse MAR and schedule it for 6-2 shift. If it didn't get passed on in report, while I'm signing my book, I will see it (I work 6-2). When I did work night shift, I would use our physician directory to look up the doctor info and write it down for the day nurse to make that task a little bit easier.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    If we don't have a secretary, I usually write it in the treatment book 'Schedule f/u with surgeon' so the next day's nurse has to see it. I've worked in 8 different places and in NONE of them was the social worker responsible for making appointments.
  9. by   kappykatlpn
    Thanks for the replys! (Keep them coming!) I like the one about putting it on the MAR's or TARS's. That is a good idea, and since you are always passing meds or tx's it would be seen. I don't think we will ever see a unit clerk (wow! that would be great!!) Instead us Nurses are stuck doing everything.

    Oh, and to the DON who replied and stated that she or the ADON makes apts, that is great that you do that for your nurses! I know how busy you guys are!! I will have to bring that up to my DON, she will think I have lost my mind!! ;o)

  10. by   litbitblack
    So what about putting it on your report sheet for the next shift. ANd the nite shift puts it on the report sheet for the day shift. After day shift completes it then it can quit being put on there. Or another place using a spiral at the desk where the orders are put in and places appt in there that way the next shift knows to look at it. I like the first one better though
  11. by   travel50
    CapeCod, I briefly worked at 2 other facilities, and in both places, the social worker made the appts. So it did not occur to me to question when I came to this one sev. yrs ago and they did it that way also. Cynop, I think having a unit sec. would be so great. Thanks for the idea. If nothing else, it would be good for an aide who is on light duty for whatever reason. I've had some aides recently on light duty for last half of pregnancy due to complications. They could have done this.
  12. by   LHH1996
    we dont' have a secretary. we have forms that get filled out and the nurse manager has to follow up in the am. the nurse manager then gets with the family or schedules an aide to go with if escort is needed, and calls for transportation set up.
    We are a sometimes we can get help of the receptionist on this..but not all the time. We also have the luxery of having transport van/bus that can take more mobile residents to their appointments.
    The only thing i have found frustrating is if the appointment should suddenly need rescheduled then sometimes it is a hassle or miscommunication occurs. that is frustrating.
    We always keep it on a calander that everyone can see. the night nurses prepare the paperwork, organize any xray films etc for the next day appointments.
    hope this helps some?
  13. by   Nascar nurse
    We keep track of all appointments, labs, x-rays, etc on a calendar at the desk. If I got an admit on 3-11's, I would put on the next days calendar page for nurse to please schedule appt. They would then write the actual appt date on the corresponding date w/ transport arrangements.
  14. by   mar326
    At each nurses station where I work we put things that need to be done the next day on the desk calendar. It works real well.