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I am not a nurse but a Radiologic Technologist for 39 years. Medicine has been my life many modalities. My mother is in a nursing home unable to verbalize because of a CVA. She has ogelvies syndrome... Read More

  1. by   CapeCodMermaid
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    lol, i KNEW you would be around on that comment.......
    It appears as if I have a reputation!!!
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    It appears as if I have a reputation!!!
    i remember a thread where you were talking about that was a deciding factor if you would work at a NH or i knew you would get to this thread sooner.....or later, lol
  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Hey...even at my house we have "odors" at diaper change. To me, when someone says "reek" they mean all the time, every day.
    One place I worked at could have been clasified as reeking (or maybe it was my hypersensitive sense of smell when I was pregnant). The residents were cared for, but there was no form of ventilation in this old building. A lot of windows didn't open, no exhaust vents...they eventually remodeled after I left.

    Getting back to the OP....Good luck on getting better care for mom.
  4. by   debRN0417
    Reeking is when you walk in and it takes your breath and you don't understand why no one else seems to notice. Reeking is when it stays, and it is everywhere. Reeking is when your eyes water and your nose burns. Reeking is a sure sign of neglect.

    I have only experienced reeking once.

    As I said, there are some transient odors at times that can't be helped.

    Most places do not reek...most places love their residents and care about them.
  5. by   expltcrn
    A string of awful actions:

    Actual patient harm? Yes - bruise and skin tear
    Failure to Notify the responsible party? Yes - you found the concerns during your visit, not calls initiated by the facility to you
    Bruises and skin tears of unknown origin should always be investigated to rule out potential abuse (by the facility and their Abuse Prevention Coordinator)
    Facility was negligent in its notification process
    Did they even report it to the physician?
    Failure to change the patch is also abuse/neglect
    A surveyor would definitely find many many tags to attach to this event.

    As for your mom, God gave her a wonderful daughter (or son?) like you to look out for her. I do hope you find a suitable alternative for her needs. It must be hard, but pulling her out of that facility was the right thing to do.
  6. by   Smith-Lee
    For all of you and your wonderful support. I have some follow up for all of you. I am waiting for a final report as it has been investigated. The Dr. is very involved and wonderful. There have been 4 discharged so far: Head nurse, assistant Head Nurse, Social worker inhouse, and another night nurse. Thanks to all of you and the support you offered. You all gave me the confirmation for what I already knew in my heart.

    Thanks, for all of your professional advice and concern for the patient eventhough not directly in your care.
  7. by   achot chavi
    Hope your Mom is ok, thats whats important!!
  8. by   BoopetteRN
    I agree that your mom should be moved out of there. There should be a hotline number posted for public health in the facility. I would call that number and they will investigate that complaint. The facility would be in more trouble if they took any adverse actions toward your mom. Nursing homes like that are what give the ones that work hard to make residents happy and well taken care of bad names. I have worked in my facility for almost 37 years, and I have never seen a bruise like you described from putting in a foley.
  9. by   CapeCodMermaid
    EXPLTCRN-What exactly is an "Abuse Prevention Coordinator"??? I've worked in 8 places and we never had anyone with that job title. At the end of the day it's up to all of us to prevent abuse and at the very end it's on the DNS and the ED.
  10. by   expltcrn
    Sorry, it's been a while since I have been on. It may just be a California nomenclature. It is usually either the DON or Administrator who is designated as the Abuse Prevention Coordinator, as part of the required elements by regulation for an Abuse Prevention program. Someone is designated, and the residents are informed upon admission and as needed during Resident Council Meetings, it is also posted (person's name/title/phone number), and the staff must also know who it is. This is to ensure that they all know who to call directly to report any allegations, instances of, actual abuse occurrences. When I find that article, I will share. Thanks.
  11. by   Smith-Lee
    Thank you for the information. The administrator is equally involved as she is protecting the facility. There have been many issus that are under investigation at this time.