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I am a newly graduated LPN., not afraid of a heavy workload or extra hours. I have always worked with the elderly in some capacity and am a great advocate. My first job, a large LTC facility . My... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    Many nursing homes have conditions similar to what you have described. I was reading your post and thinking, "Oh, that's typical. I've seen that before." Unfortunately, many nursing home administrators are more interested in the almighty dollar than the welfare of the patients. This is just my honest opinion. The nursing home DON and administrator probably know about the conditions at this facility; however, they likely turn their heads the other way just as long as the facility is raking in money.
  2. by   moonchild20002000
    I think you need to get out of there ASAP! I would not do another shift in that
    place! You are risking your license working there.

    There is a site that lists all the LTC facilities all over the country. Medicare maintaines this site,sorry I don't have the link.Anyway,the results of the inspections are listed as well as staffing information. This may help you in the future if you want to to work in LTC.

    I don't think I would even list this place as a reference on any future application.
    You also may want to turn this facility in to the state.
  3. by   Ultreya816
    I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to respond to my post as well as being outraged for the patients in this facility. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. I really needed this today! I did spend the day contacting facilities in my area, so with some time I hope to secure a better position elsewhere. Im not looking for something easier or better paying or a fancy facility, just a place where I can learn to become a very good nurse and not jeopardize my license, integrity or give substandard care to any of my patients. I realize that LTC is fast paced and can be under staffed. Once I KNOW my job, and my skills are properly honed, I have no doubt I'll be able to keep up with the best of them. Thats just who I am. I didnt decide to go to nursing school at 48 yrs old because I wanted an easy cushy job. But Im fresh out of school and I still have alot of learning and growing to do. I had no idea my first job experience would ever be this bad! I did take the advice of one of you who suggested contacting my school. I have done that and recieved some very positive feedback! Thanks again to all of you!!!!
  4. by   edgwow
    This is a sad case.I am a vetran nurse for 18 yrs. Unfortunately, long term care is sometimes that way. I would leave. I would call the nursing supervisor right now and tell them that " I will not be returning in the morning, I was dissatisfied with the quality of the care that I gave today due to time constraints that were placed on me. This facility is not a good match for me." You owe them nothing. Did you ever hear of the ombudsman? These are the people from the state that complaints are made to. Be an advocate for the patients that are there, call the ombudsman and ask if you can make an anonomous complaint, explain some of the situations that you encountered. Do not use them as job contact. No one ever needs to know you were affiliated with this facility, even for a week. Best of luck to you!!!umpiron: Be Strong, All is not lost.
  5. by   moonchild20002000
    I'm happy to hear that you will be looking at other facilities.
    Please DO NOT work another shift in that place!I think the sooner you are out the better! Not worse risking your hard eaarned license.

    I don't think you will have trouble finding another job. I think you will do fine in another facility.
  6. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I am just concerned about those residents. Even after she (or he) quits the job, those people will still suffer. Is there a place you can report everything? But I would suggest write everything down, so they don't accuse you of doing something wrong while you are looking for a new (safer) place to work.
  7. by   CaseManager1947
    Run, Ultreya, Run!!! There are other facilities that do not compromise patient care, that you can investigate. Good for you, and for nursing that you are one of us!. Nursing needs more like u. Stick to your guns, and search elsewhere, and I always recommend an exit interview. Back atcha, lousy facility.
  8. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    After you leave the facility, I would definitely make a full report to state. I am the night shift supervisor of an LTC that MAKES time to care. My LPNs have time to hold the hands of the dying, and when they don't I do. IF they have to stay late to chart, they get paid for every minute. Call lights are consistently answered within three minutes. People are sent to us with bed sores from other facilities because they know that we actually turn every two hours, and these people's bedsores heal. You can find a nursing home with a heart. Mine is owned by a Christian family and run with Christian values, among those WWJD. Please, don't forget those poor residents once you find a better place to work. Send help.
  9. by   anne74
    This is a no-brainer: LEAVE. You need to think of yourself -and your license- first. Don't expect employers or anyone else to protect you. Don't go back!
  10. by   Ultreya816
    Just to update you all. I did in fact quit that job today. I will find suitable employment elsewhere and will be more careful about checking the facilities to which I apply. Steps are also being taken within our community in reference to the things I witnessed. My partners Dad is very well known, respected and connected here, so enough said right? This sure was an eye opener for me and a learning experience. Im grateful to all of you here for reminding me of my responsibility to myself and to those residents as well.
  11. by   PeachPie
    Good for you! I had a similar experience as a CNA at a Catholic nonprofit LTC (hypocrites).
  12. by   BlessedbyGod

    When I read your post I couldn't help but to respond. Your situation sounded alot like some of what I experienced. Believe me, I did leave and after only 2 days. I've have never left a job that soon and without notice.

    I refuse to compromise my license or values. There are places out there where you can work as an LPN and they don't run the homes like crap and they really do care about their residents. You don't have to accept working in a place like that. I didn't!
  13. by   dlsgroovymom
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