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Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   dallasga123
    Three years! How about I work there the rest of my life! I would do back flips, If I got in that program.
  2. by   freddysgrandmother
    I am also taking clin. calc b/c I knew that was something needed during the nursing program. I wanted a head start. That and I'm not working right now and it gets boring around my house in the summer, so I needed something to do. I'm taking clin. calc. & med terminology online.
  3. by   prern ashley
    hello all,
    Just so you all is not a "big Packet". its one of those long white envelopes, its just packed lol. so dont freak out when you dont get a big buisness envelope.
  4. by   prern ashley
    oh and about clinical calc, if your good a math please dont fret. Its pretty simple. we only had 1 out of the 113 that failed the second time. If you want to know how the policy goes:
    You get two chances. You can only miss one question out of ten to pass. miss two questions you fail.
    There are study sessions in between the first test and the second to help those who didnt pass. I think the test is only 30 min long, with 10 questions. If any of you have ever taken chemistry the problems are set up a lot like that.
    for example: give the pt 10 ml per kg ( this is just a made up question, that is not a dosage you would give)
    if thats confusing sorry. Im just trying to show you, that its not like algebra or anything. You pretty much line stuff up to cancel stuff out. And there will ab 20 things youll have to memorize. such as 5ml is a tsp and 1 kg is 2.2 lbs.
    The instructor will teach for about 2 hours? maybe a little longer over the test...about a week later you will have the test. Prob 40 out of 113 failed the first test. and onyl 1 out of the 40 failed the second, and consequentally got kicked out of the program. fyi, each test will have clinical calc questions in the back(and thyre not multiple choice)
  5. by   dallasga123
    prern ashley, Do you know if letters always go out on Thursdays?
  6. by   dallasga123
    P.S. Sorry for the stupid question. I am getting desperate for some news.:imbar
  7. by   Starrdan2
    PreRN Ashley, thank you for letting us know about the envelope. I would have been worried if I did get a big business envelope.
  8. by   HopeForMelissa
    :yeahthat: I would have been crushed if I had seen a regular envelope! Thanks PreRN.

    Dallas.....the campus advisor is the one who told me that the letters usually go out on a Thursday.... BUT I've learned that you can't put a lot of faith in what she says either. So, who knows....?
  9. by   momerz
    I spoke with Ms Rees yesterday and explained that I had been accepted to Georgia Baptist and had until the 22nd of this month to confirm (with $200). I asked if she could tell me if I would receive notice either way, prior to the 22nd...or even close to that date so I would know whether or not to mail the $200. Ms Rees was very nice about my situation, but all she said was that they were working on the applications right now and are still looking at the end of the month for us to receive our letters. Oh well......
  10. by   prern ashley
    i dont remember if letters go out on a thursday or not. Thats probably right though. I know last year we got the letters on may 24th. So look that up and see what day that fell on. I would say your going to know by next weekend, but im only guessing.
  11. by   HopeForMelissa
    tns....She should've at least told you if you would have their letter by that date. I think it is unfair that they expect people to turn down other schools because they are mailing them out so late!
  12. by   momerz
    Ms Rees definitely did not indicate that I would hear by the 22nd - but personally, I think from our conversation that we'll hear something sooner than later bc the committee is working on the apps now. I don't think Ms Rees wanted to lock herself into a definite date in case all the letters weren't ready to be sent out at one time.
    If I don't hear something from GA Highlands by the 19th, I'll mail my confirmation and $200. I will let GA Baptist know it'll be late but is in the mail. I have already told Ga Baptist that I am hoping to get into a school that is closer to my home and not so expensive, so they know I have another "1st choice". But I figure it's worth the $200 to cover all my bases.
  13. by   HopeForMelissa
    tsn... Since you've talked with Dr. Rees, do you feel like we will get the letters soon? Did she give you ANY inuendos at all?