Becoming an RN in Atlanta

  1. I am a college graduate with a BBA. I am in the Atlanta area and I am looking to get into nursing. The thing is I am 25yrs old and I feel that I may be late startnig my career and may have to work until I am 70.

    I am looking at becoming an RN. Can anyone suggest some good schools or the quickest route to get accepted? I have to take the science pre reqs
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  3. by   opradiva
    Hello there! I hope I can be of some assistance.

    I don't know if there is a quick way. There are ways that may be more efficient than others depending on your background.

    I read your other thread, and I totally understand where you are coming from. I have a music degree, and thought that I would be the best singer in the world, and grace the biggest and best opera stages. Not!! I think we are not well prepared coming out of high school to make the best career decisions.

    There are many schools here to choose from. many look at more than a gpa. I know Emory and GA Baptist ask for a personal statement outlining your nursing goals and interests. This is great for someone who may not have the 3.8 gpa, but has much more than that to offer. Check these out. Also, look at the job boards everyday. You see where the demand is. This is what you want to be focusing on. Check out the hospitals, too. There is lots of information out there. Researching the schools takes a lot of your time, but it's worth it. If you don't like the curriculum, try going out of state for school. It's an option. I hope this helps you.

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  4. by   NurseBunky
    One is never too old to start their nursing career. I went back to school at the age of 25 and graduated by the time I was 28. It's been great. I currently hold an associates degree in nursing. There are so many programs in Georgia to choose from you just need to decide which route you want to take. One is not better than the other. An associates gets you out of school and ready to work quicker than a bachelors. A bachelors takes a little while longer but you can choose to continue your education from an associates degree (which is what I plan to do). There are accelerated programs available for those who already hold a degree in another area. Kennesaw is said to have the best BSN program in the state of Georgia. Gordon college has an excellent ADN program boasting a 95%-100% pass rate on the NCLEX the last few years. The best thing to do is research. Go to the schools, talk to the students and teachers, check out the facilites. Good luck to you.
  5. by   2bnurseguy_2005
    Which school did you attend? Did you have a good gpa?
    I am looking to start pre reqs Biology courses soon. I see there is Chatt Tech which is SACS accredidated...

    Which career did you have prior
  6. by   jamangel
    it is never too late indeed. let me tell you on the profession end that when you obtain your degree if you work at the VA, invest the most you can in your TSp (gov't retirement)you could very well work until you are roughly 51/52. That's me assuming you get in and out a program by the time you're 28( which you could probably do in a ADN program). Check out the VA or the website.
  7. by   ndl20
    I am an LPN moving to the Atlanta area and was signing up for Georgia Perimeter College, but have heard some bad reviews about their nursing program. Can anyone suggest some schools.
  8. by   igbide
    It is never young, I just finished and I am 35....visit and see the schools close to u
  9. by   rollie
    I didn't go back to nursing school until I was 28! Started my prereqs when I was 27. Like you I already had a bachelor's degree in Spanish. We had people in their 50's in my nursing classes! Definitely stay away from Ga Perimeter - that's where I went and the failure rate is something crazy like 75%. We had people failing out every day.

    If you can swing a BSN program, do that. It may take you a little longer but then you won't have to go back to school and I think eventually the BSN is going to be the least amt. of educ. you'll need to go into nursing. the pay is the same though. I agree with the previous post - if you can get into Kennesaw do that but it's hard to get in.
  10. by   onmywaytoRN
    GA Perimeter has become a little easier in the last 2 semesters. I think they got some pressure from the state b/c of their retention rate. There are (as of now) 63 people graduating in May. Biggest class in years!! So, it might not be as bad as it was before.
  11. by   rollie
    Wow! 63? That's amazing! Good for you.
  12. by   I_am_Julia
    does anyone have any information to pass along on nursing scholarships for second degree students?
  13. by   ks33
    nursebunky? can you tell me where in georgia is gordan college? I am trying to find a school, i am new to atlanta area, I would love to start with the ADN program but was told it may be better to start with a LPN course but i am having the hardest time finding one without an extreme wait list
  14. by   NurseBunky
    Gordon College is in Barnesville,Georgia. It's pretty far but a lot of people travel from all over Atlanta to go there so it's fairly easy to find a carpool buddy. They have an excellent ADN program. I personally would just go for the ADN or BSN first.