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Hi All,

Decisions have been released for Georgetown. I was not accepted but I didn't plan on attending unless I received a scholarship. I have been accepted into two other schools for Fall 2011. I am glad they finally let us know. Good Luck everyone. :nurse:


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@AcelBSN Student: I'm sorry you didn't get in, but it sounds like you're happy with your options for the fall!!

Did you get an email?

Hi AMM30,

You are correct I am happy I have options and grateful that I am atleast accepted somewhere. Yes I did get an email and thank you for the kind words. Good luck to you. :)

I am new I replied as a post...sorry. lol


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Has anyone else received an email about their Georgetown admission? I still haven't received anything since the one giving details about the essay.


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me either


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Nothing here. Maybe they are being sent out in waves...


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nothing here either.

Hello All,

I applied very early, at the end of December, so that may have something to do with it. It could also mean that you all were accepted :) and they only notified the rejected applicants. The email came shortly after 5:00pm today. It also stated that they received unprecedented amount of qualified applicants so they were unable to offer everyone spots. I am okay with my rejection, as I have been accepted at another university this fall. It just would have been nice to be accepted and have a chance at the scholarship-nothing beats job security and help with tuition. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for letting us know! Even though we haven't heard, it's still nice to have an idea what else is going on. Good luck with where ever you end up!


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Hey everyone!

I applied pretty late in the process (I think I submitted my app on Jan 31st) and I got an email yesterday afternoon. I was waitlisted, so it sounds like they sent out the rejection and waitlist first? I was already accepted to a few other places so I'm okay with it and will take my name off the list...hope that helps anyone else on there! Good luck!! :nurse:


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hey everyone, I just found out I got in. So people should be getting emails any time now!

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