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Hi everyone. I'm currently taking LPN classes and then I will go on to try to get my ADN. My question is this: Do any of you have an incentive for yourself that you will receive when you graduate?... Read More

  1. by   Mito
    Hello All,
    I will graduate in about 5 months and I plan on rewarding myself. I am sure some of you won't see this as a reward but here it goes. I am buying myself a Felder (expensive european combination woodworking machine) I have always wanted one and looking through the catologue the last couple of months has kept me going.

    I know alot of students when they get near the end of the program just want to be finished and get a job and I certainly fall into that group. Our whole class has stuff picked out to buy when they finish.

  2. by   Alie
    I want a BABY!!!! Will be married 8 years and boy am I ready. We may actually start trying somewhere in last semester. This is keeping me going so I can provide them with a wonderful life and a mother who does not have to work all the time.
  3. by   vashka25
    My reward for graduating is to finally be able to be with my man. Its been a long and tedious journey trying to juggle nursing school, working, and a fiancee that lives 10 hours away in another country....(Im in Canada, he's in US) But we've made it work for us, and now that the finish line is in sight the time seems to be going by at a turtles pace.....
    Our saying has always been...."what is a few years apart, when we will have the next 60 together to make up for it."

    ~live the life you love......and love the life you live~
  4. by   xantha31669
    Since alot of us are getting close to graduation, I thought I would bring this back to see what you all have to say now.

    I still want to get the clothes for my daughter, but I saw these really cool fake palm trees that are like 14 feet tall that I would love to get for my pool area!

  5. by   UVaRN2Be
    We are going to remodel our house and I want a hottub off of my bedroom... Also do some work in yard, put heater in greenhouse and pave around pool... also vacation for family
  6. by   nurseleigh
    For the first time in our lives, me and my husband are planning a real vacation, not just a weekend trip. By this time next year I will have paid vacation time to spend and so will he. We will be going somewhere for a week, just not sure where yet. We sit around and while watching movies will see a beach or a castle or something and say, "what about we go there?" It is just soo much fun to even think about it. Haha

    When I graduated I really didn't buy myself anything due to not having any money yet. . .ya know, they don't pay ya up front.

  7. by   Mkue

    I'm going to somehow show my appreciation to my hubby and kids for being supportive. Not sure yet what it will be.
  8. by   NurseDixie
    I,too, want to get something nice for my husband. He has been keeping the laundry done, house clean,etc. I'd like a newer car. Just hope my Buick Century ('93 w/ >174,000miles) makes it til December. Also having some money once in a while to buy something that I don't really 'need'. My stepdaughter has been real supportive,too. She deserves something special.
  9. by   ryansmom
    Between my husband who works 12 hour night shifts, sleeps days, a two-year old son who thinks that daddy's schedule is cool enought to adopt it. Classes out the wazoo! Bills piling up, a house that has never seen Mr. Clean, and laundry that stands taller than me. Don't forget studying. I think I'll sleep for a week.
  10. by   nursbee04
    VA-CA-TION!!!!!!!! Don't care where, long as its hot and there's an ocean and I get to sleep in until noon everyday......ahhhhhh