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Hi everyone. I'm currently taking LPN classes and then I will go on to try to get my ADN. My question is this: Do any of you have an incentive for yourself that you will receive when you graduate?... Read More

  1. by   srose
    aside from the rewards of having completed my program, earning my degree, and *hopefully* passing my NCLEX exam, i'll be rewarding myself by taking my dream vacation...my friend and i (who will also be graduating about that time) are planning to tour ireland for two weeks...on horseback!

    then i'm finally going to buy myself my own horse

    ......yes, i'm the little girl who lists "pony" on the top of her christmas list every year....i never outgrew it, but "pony" changed to "horse" some years back :roll

  2. by   tattooednursie
    this may sound like an odd reward . . . but I'm getting a tattoo!!! That is one of the smaller things though. I really havnt put much thought into anyhing besides a tatoo.

    A really nice car maybe!
  3. by   MRed94
    I'm going to take some time off and just work ONE job......! And, I am going to do something nice for ME! A weekend in a hot tub sounds like just the ticket. Alone, and peace and quiet! I can't wait.

  4. by   GPatty
    My biggest dream always was to be able to buy something for my kids that we couldn't afford before.
    Like a nice pair of designer jeans for the girls, or a Gameboy for my son....
    Just some extras they've always had to forgo in the past....
  5. by   missionnurse
    I have a stack of novels waiting to be read! When I graduate, I am going to read them all, and not have to be able to comprehend or remember any of the information in any of them!!! And there will be no tests over them either!
  6. by   Lausana
    A new (or new to me!) vehicle-praying mine has no more problems and hangs in just a little longer! I'd love a Trailblazer, but I think I may want to get a little sporty car while I still have only 1 kid

    Time off after graduation before I start work again to hang with the little one and relax...ah...watching cartoons in our pjs til 2pm then taking a nap! :chuckle
  7. by   xantha31669
    I know this isn't practical, but I can't wait to take my daughter into Limited Too and let her pick out whatever she wants, not just one thing from the clearance rack. We are going to take a Disney cruise (hopefully) the second fall after I graduate. I also would love to replace my totally abused furniture! THe list could probably go on for ever.
  8. by   Vsummer1
    Wow, this is a good thread! I am going to have to really think about what I will do to reward myself because I have never even considered it!

  9. by   babynursewannab
    I'm getting my teeth done! ... you know, the whole supermodel, straight and white thing with veneers!!!!

    My boyfriend and I have recently been thinking about getting married and it was mentioned how it would be sort of cool to graduate (which is a morning ceremony for me) and then, since everyone will be there because this was such a HUGE accomplishment for me, that afternoon, we get married to celebrate the end of my degree program and the beginning of our lives together. Hokey? Gimme your thoughts please! :chuckle
  10. by   cpgrn
    The thing that got me through school was a big glossy picture of a mazda miata. I looked at it every day. I never bought that car but I now have an explorer which is much more practical. Follow your dreams and set goals.
  11. by   kittyw
    Originally posted by babynursewannab
    I'm getting my teeth done! ... you know, the whole supermodel, straight and white thing with veneers!!!!
    ME TOO!!!!
  12. by   Angella Walker
    Babynurse, that is an excellent idea. And just think of the double gift occasion. lol

    I think when/if I graduate, i will take my dh on a loooooooooong vacation. (Mind you, long for us is 2 days bc of the kids) and just stopping all of the worrying. that is gift enough for me!!!

    God Bless :hatparty:
  13. by   Dr. Kate
    Twenty-seven years later I am still giving myself the reward I chose for graduation--buying the every museum exhibit catalog I want. I'd never been able to do that before and it still feels good to be able to do it.